Once in a while you have to laugh…

Every once in a while, if only for your health, you have to take a break from the misery and the tears and just laugh.

From the boys at Guamá:



“And where are those emigration reforms?”

“Those? They went that-a-way!”


And from the incomparable Garrincha:


1 thought on “Once in a while you have to laugh…”

  1. The dapper gent on the left is British playwright Noel Coward, an icon of wit and sophistication; the ridiculous asshole on the right is a puny Che-Camilo wannabe with a tiny waist, tiny feet and probably a tiny pipi, but holding a BIG gun. Talk about pitiful. In other words, civilization and urbanity next to painfully moronic “revolutionary” posturing. Sometimes I really don’t want to be associated with my own people. I mean, it’s humiliating.

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