Bill Delahunt’s friends in low places

For most people, befriending a brutal dictator who has murdered tens of thousands of innocent people and enslaved an entire nation is unthinkable, let alone something to boast about. For former congressman Bill Delahunt, however, it is a badge of honor.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Shamefully Using Fidel for Business

Former U.S. Congressman-turned-lobbyist Bill Delahunt (D-MA) seems to think highlighting his friendship with brutal Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is good for business.

Frankly, it’s shameful.

Then again, after years of pushing within Congress for the U.S. to unconditionally embrace the Castro dictatorship, did anyone ever doubt that there would be a future business angle?

Here’s a picture from his lobbying website.

On Delahunt’s right is U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO).

1 thought on “Bill Delahunt’s friends in low places”

  1. Ah, another gift to America from those lovely Massachusetts voters. With their kind of track record, I want NOTHING to do with them. And yes, they elected Romney. You do the math.

    As for Delahunt himself, well, he’s obviously a POS, so why not profit from it? Nobody really minds except “those people,” and nobody cares about that, either. When there’s little or no disincentive to being an SOB, you’d better believe SOB’s are going to be themselves–with bells on. Just to prove that swinishness can be bipartisan, we have Ms. Emerson smiling away at the Joker-in-Chief. Great job, hon.

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