Castro Intelligence Services harvesting American academics

Moral blindness is an excellent fertilizer for the Castro intelligence’s crop of choice: American academics. The willful and complete ignorance regarding Cuba that many of the elite in American academia embrace is fertile ground for dupes, and Castro Intelligence agents are more than happy to harvest that low hanging fruit. It is no surprise then that the Obama administration’s so-called cultural exchanges with the Castro regime has provided the dictatorship with a bumper crop of possible agents. Castro intelligence agents are enthusiastically farming the weekly crop of ignorant and easily fooled academic groups visiting the island, and if you just go by the law of percentages, they are no doubt experiencing success.

In an editorial in Commentary Magazine, Ted Bromund laments how American academics are being harvested by Cuban Intelligence agents:

Blue (State) Travel to Cuba

A friend has forwarded me a solicitation from the University of Michigan’s Alumni Association to join them on a “Cultural Connection” visit to Cuba. It is a depressing piece of moral blindness. For $3,845, Wolverines can enjoy an eight-day trip, complete with “a visit to a local health clinic” to “learn about socialized medicine and the delivery of social services in Cuba,” a trip to an art institute to “compare and contrast the role of the arts in Cuba and the United States” and “identify any differences in the opportunities for artistic expression,” and a “substantive discussion” with the management team of a dance company to explore “the political and financial challenges they face” (i.e. the U.S. embargo) in exporting Cuban dance culture. There is a good deal more in the same vein, including a visit to the Museum of the Revolution and dinner at the Restaurante Vieja Havana, “formerly the American Club,” but you get the picture.

It would be pleasant if moral blindness was all that was involved here, but sadly, it’s not. Michigan alumni who sign on are demonstrating the kind of sympathies that will bring them to the attention of Cuban intelligence which, as the Myers case showed, knows how to take advantage of gullible Americans with an academic bent. As a defector from the Cuban Intelligence Service noted in 2002, visitors from U.S. universities are targeted “very often and in a massive way. For example, there was recently a cruise ship in Cuba with students from the University of Pennsylvania?.  There were hundreds of students who automatically became objects of interest to the CuIS. . . . [who] using covers from the Foreign Ministry, or any other governmental organization like ICAP (Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples) . . . . come into contact with students and even lodge where the foreign students lodge and participate with them in all their activities.” The essence of this visit, apart from providing hard currency to the fading Castro regime and giving it a bit of blue-washing, is that the University of Michigan is naively signing on to have its alumni spied upon and tested for any willingness to betray the United States.

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  1. It’s not really ignorance, but rather prejudice, arrogance, delusions of superiority and a dogged refusal to ditch utopian but still fashionable bullshit. All “professional” intellectuals, like all professional Cuba “experts,” are suspect until proven otherwise, and should be treated as such.

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