Another reason why the Castro dictatorship will never allow internet access on the island

Besides the obvious reasons behind the Castro dictatorship’s refusal to ever allow unfettered access to the internet for the Cuban people, you can add this reason to the list: They simply have no sense of humor.

Cuba blames ‘necrophiliacs’ and Twitter for Castro death rumours

Cuban state has accused Twitter of helping to spread rumours that Fidel Castro had died and said that anti-regime expatriates in Florida were “necrophiliac counter-revolutionaries” for perpetuating the story.

An article on the state-run Cubadebate website accused Twitter of allowing an account holder with the sign-on “Naroh” to start the rumour on Monday from an Italian server.

It said Twitter then helped spread the disinformation by allowing the hash tag “fidelcastro” to become a trending topic. It briefly became the fourth most popular in the world as it drew many more people to the subject.

The site also accused Twitter of censoring subjects in the past that were in favor of the Cuban government.

A Twitter spokesperson, Jodi Olson, said the company had no comment on the specifics of Cuba‘s complaint, but added “as you know, we don’t mediate content.”


Cubadebate also blamed anti-Castro expatriates anxious to see Castro’s demise for gleefully furthering the rumour, saying “necrophiliac counterrevolutionaries, aided by some media, immediately started to party.”

4 thoughts on “Another reason why the Castro dictatorship will never allow internet access on the island”

  1. Be it back in the 1960s, today, or in ten years from now, whichever the day, Castro, you will pass in Cuban history as a betrayer, a fraud, a slave-master, a cancer, and a communist piece of shit.

  2. I think it would be fun if babalu started its own rumor that Fidel is dead. What harm could it do? It might embolden those in Cuba to rise up and rebel. It would force the living cadaver to show himself and his feeble condition would be fun enough to see. How would the thugs of the regime try to rationalize away.
    What is the down side?

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