Cuban American Lawyers speak out against ABA trip to Cuba

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Cuban-American Lawyers Oppose ABA Trip

Cuban-American Bar Association Opposes the American Bar Association’s Upcoming Delegations to Cuba

On behalf of a unanimous Board of Directors, the Cuban American Bar Association sent a letter to the American Bar Association’s (“ABA”) President admonishing its upcoming delegations to Cuba. This spring three sections of the ABA are coordinating visits to learn about the legal justice system in Cuba. As it has done in the past, the Cuban government will undoubtedly use these visits by the world’s largest voluntary professional lawyers association to bolster their shameful justice system.

The ABA should not be used in this way. If the ABA moves forward with the trips, CABA urges them to set up meetings with independent lawyers on the island who are fighting to establish the rule of law, independent from the government. As this issue develops, CABA will remain vigilant in informing the ABA and the world-community of Castro’s usual ploys to gain legitimacy.

Founded in Miami in 1974, CABA is a voluntary bar association established to promote equality of its members; serve the public interest by increasing awareness to the study of jurisprudence; foster respect for the law; preserve high standards of integrity, honor, and professional courtesy among its peers; provide equal access to and adequate representation of minorities before the courts; facilitate the administration of justice; build close relationships among its members; support Miami-Dade’s indigent community and increasing diversity in the judiciary and legal community.

2 thoughts on “Cuban American Lawyers speak out against ABA trip to Cuba”

  1. We all know how far left U.S. lawyers are these days,(Google the National Lawyers Guild) but this is crucial for both Cuba and the U.S. If American lawyers begin accepting the regimes contorted propagandist explanations on why their system is more just, we are all screwed. We live in scary times when so many Americans have been indoctrinated to the point that they’ve lost their critial thinking ability. I am not optomistic about the 2012 presidental election. Not to mention the percentage of Americans living off government subsidies.

  2. When those who are supposed to be representing the rule of law go to this lawless country only two options are possible:
    Either they are going to try to make contacts or help Cubans to set up a future legal system that follows the rule of law, in which case look for Grossman to have many new cellmates, or they are going to have a gay old time and come back with glowing tales of their visit.
    I don’t know if this will represent the last nail in the coffin for the rule of law for Cuba or for this country.

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