An Ajiaco for Tuesday, January 10th

A steaming hot pot of ajiaco for you on this Tuesday, January 10th, 2012:

  • Investors Business Daily on the Obama administration’s foreign policy “reset button,” and how it has helped Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez become a true threat to liberty and stability in our hemisphere.
  • Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski hopes the Pope’s visit to Cuba later this year will bring “reconciliation” to the Cuban people. Reconciliation is real nice — almost as nice as freedom.

4 thoughts on “An Ajiaco for Tuesday, January 10th”

  1. Ah, Wenski. How, uh, quaint (I’m being excruciatingly elegant). The South Florida Catholic version of the Cuba “expert.” Lord have mercy.

  2. “Hasta la Victoria’s Secret”…”Mexico Model”..etc. I’m stealing them all for my new book (due out this summer) with proper attribution, of course. The footnote will say: “An Asombrism.”

  3. I’m flattered, but I got the Victoria’s Secret bit from some anonymous poster over at Guama, which is one of the very few places that makes me laugh out loud. It is, however, a great line.

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