Yearning for the Dictatorship’s Kick in the Ass

Another brilliant piece from Juan Abreu at his Emanaciones blog (my translation):


Some exiled Cubans are buying homes in Cuba. Well, you can just about expect any despicable thing from a Cuban. Like the despicable act of leaving a prison only to return to that prison to take advantage of the misery and humiliation suffered by those who are trapped there, those who continue to live in that prison.

They return to the prison. But do they go there to live as slaves? No. They go there to live like the jailers. In essence, they are the jailers.

Some may think that those who go there to show off among the miserable are Castro agents. They are full-fledged agents, or simply agents of influence. But I do not believe that. It is something worse. They are common Cubans. In other words, horrible and shameless people who unscrupulously give their ass to the dictatorship in exchange for some type of economic benefit.

These Cubans are people that since leaving Cuba, they yearn for the dictatorship’s kick in the ass. They cannot live without the dictatorship’s kick in the ass. And of course, what better way to be close to that longed for kick in the ass from the dictatorship than to buy a house on the island and get on all fours to wait for absolution to arrive from the policeman, that one fine day will let them know they have been forgiven, and that at last they are once again worthy of the dictatorship’s kick in the ass.

I cannot even begin to imagine the euphoria that slave’s ass will feel when that day arrives.

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  1. Well, it’s no secret, even though it’s not “correct” to say it: Too many Cubans have a Vitamin-D deficiency, and the D stands for dignity. Abreu has developed a kind of Cubanophobia as a way to deal with the shame, and he’s got a caustic tongue that’s meant to sting, but yes, he has a point.

  2. Note from the Translation Czar: The last sentence of the second paragraph should read “Therefore, they are jailers.” Still, Alberto did a nice job with this piece, considering his dubious provenance. It’s a good thing he’s not running for political office, or birthers would be all over his ass.

  3. Juan Abreu is 100% correct. Cubans are absolutely disgusting. If castro is in power its because of us. Because of the people who have to send monthly remittances to Cuba [and I’m not talking about a Cuban sending money to some relative who is in desperate need of emergency cash], I’m talking about people sending money so that some bitch back in Cuba can buy a new flat screen TV,a brand DVD player, an expensive iPOD, or for their niece’s Sweet 15 birthday party extravaganza, etc… Worst are the people who go to Cuba 5 times a year. As an example, I have a fat disgusting cousin who has never worked a single day in his life [he’s a con artist living off Santeria and ripping people off] and he brags that he’s been to Cuba over 100 times in the 3 last years! Every time he goes back, he brags about all of his friends, the beach, the non-stop partying, etc..

    The ironic thing is that you try to tell one of these Cubans that what they are doing is wrong and they become GUAPO on you [they get all big and bad and start making threats], something that they didn’t do when they were back in Cuba and castro was sticking his finger up their ASS.

  4. “Cuba es un país que produce canallas, delincuentes, demagogos y cobardes en relación desproporcionada a su población.” – Reinaldo Arenas

    Gay folks are often the ones with the “balls” to shout the unabashed truth…good for them!

  5. It’s a form of weakness, lack of resolve and, of course, lack of seriousness. Cubans have a tendency to trivialize and turn everything into a kind of game and overestimate their skill for playing it, as well as a tendency to focus on the immediate and the personal and miss or ignore the big picture and long-term consequences.

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