“…but in the early days I supported Castro..”


Almost from day one, the phrase that titles this post became a mantra among “respectable” Cuban exiles, recited to the “respectable” media almost obligatorially.

Fine, I say. Then what’s your beef with Che Guevara? Why denounce him as “ASESINO!”, “murderer!, etc.?…His massacres in La Cabana started on the very EARLIEST days of Castroism. And don’t say you “didn’t know” because–for best effect (we’re in charge now–WATCH your step!) the bloodbath was publicized far and wide.

Here’s a typical (somewhat tardy) victim and (thus) critic of Castroism on the issue:

The paredon is a simple case of justice, and of the most elemental and immediate form. The victims of the firing squads are all well-known criminals, their crimes have been admitted even by themselves. A sentimental (Cuban) populace has not moved one finger to stop this form of justice. Even the family members of the executed realize that these executions are performed with a spirit of honor.”

(Es un simple caso de justicia, de la más elemental e inmediata. Los fusilados son connotados criminales; sus crímenes han sido cantados por ellos mismos; un pueblo de siempre sentimental no ha movido un dedo para impedir que sigan los ajusticiamientos; hasta los familiares de los ajusticiados saben que se obra con espíritu de honradez.)

Above I quote the “eminently respectable” critic of Castrosim and Che Guevara, Guillermo Cabrera Infante.

(Oye pero la verdad que a este Fontova le encanta JODER!!!..debe ser que no pudo ir a casar patos o venados esta manana!…pero que tipo mas INSOPORTABLE!)

2 thoughts on ““…but in the early days I supported Castro..””

  1. Humberto my friend, this is what I love about you, always, always, slicing away comfortable assumptions. What in the early days of the revolution deserved support? It must have been a hell of something to excuse the blood letting that accompanied it.

  2. For a lot of people, and not just Cubans, Castro was too big a fantasy to fail. Anything that threatened the illusion had to be rationalized away or ignored. There are still such people around, and Castro is not the only example of that psychological disorder. For instance, there’s a certain Barack Obama.

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