In today’s “You CAN’t MAKE this up!” dept. we feature Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Goldberg.

On right: Friends Jeffrey Goldberg and Julia Sweig sandwiching Ms Sweig’s “old friend” between them.

On left: Other acknowledged friends–and even–“champions!” of Julia Sweig’s research and “expertise.”

Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Goldberg assures us that Cuba does not sponsor terrorism. Among his sources for his assurance is none other than, and I quote:

“I asked Julia E. Sweig, the Latin America expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, what to make of this claim (that Cuba is a State Sponsor of Terrorism)

Goldberg himself describes Ms Sweig as “a friend at the Council on Foreign Relations…a preeminent expert on Cuba and Latin America.” “We shook hands,” writes Goldberg about meeting Castro last year. “Then he greeted Julia warmly. They (Castro and Sweig) have known each other for more than twenty years.”

In the acknowledgements to her “expert” book on Cuba, Julia Sweig writes:

“In Cuba many people spent long hours with me, helped open doors I could not have pushed through myself, and offered friendship and warmth to myself during research trips to the island…Elsa Montero and Jose Gomez Abad championed this project…”

In acknowledging the “help”, “support” and “championship” of Elsa Montero and Jose Gomez Abad, (look closely at the pictures above-left) Cuba “Expert” Julia Sweig acknowledges the collaboration in her writings of Cuban terrorists whose bomb-plot (if not foiled by by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI) would have made the 9/11 death-toll look like a New Years Day fireworks accident!

Saturday Night Live couldn’t POSSIBLY MAKE THIS STUFF UP!


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  1. It’s like statistics on Cuban health-care and education. Since no independent observers are allowed to enter the country to independently investigate, the United Nations, the much touted World Health Organization and other NGO’s simply publish the regime’s self-serving statistics. This is then repeated worldwide by AP, Reuters, New York Times, CNN, and every other news forum in the world.

    The Cuban regime is built on one lie after another. There is no end. Of course, the fact that they have moles and agents of influence in important think tanks, universities and news agencies is their basis of power. It also helps to have a sympathetic audience that has been brainwashed by years of pro-castro propaganda. It also helps that they have such ineffectual foes as us–the Cuban exiles.

    Despite the wealth of the Cuban community, we don’t have a viable think tank, we don’t have a viable publishing house, we don’t have an anti-defamation league, we don’t fund sympathetic chairs in major universities, and we throw everything to relajo.

    I’ve tried to reason with Cubans about the New York Times for example, and they’ve told me stupidities like: Y QUIEN LEE ESA MIERDA? {Who reads that shit anyway!}

    I hate to say this, but Cubans are mess. With foes like us, castro pretty much has free reign.

  2. There were rich Cubans, in the XIX century, who ruined themselves for the sake of Cuba’s independence, but obviously things have changed. Also, remember the Cuban tendency to focus on the personal and the immediate, not the collective or the long-term. Also, we’re not only alone but politically incorrect, unfashionable, resisted, opposed and resented. It’s much harder to advance when you’re swimming against the current.

  3. Asombra, that’s something that I’ve always found so disconcerting: the great families of the XIX century gave everything that they had for the sake of Cuba [such honor and dignity], yet, the great [I mean, wealthy] families of today are cheap, self-centered and indifferent. Look no further than Mas Canosa’s progeny: Jorgito Mas Santos single-handedly ruined CANF. Also, in 1997 the Freedom Tower building was purchased for US$4.1 million by Jorge Mas Canosa, and restored and converted into a monument for the refugees who fled to the United States from communist Cuba. It housed a museum, library, meeting hall, and the offices of the Cuban American National Foundation. But, in 2004, after the death of his father, Jorgito Mas Santos couldn’t resist making a profit and sold it off to a developer. He did the same thing with “Cuban embassies” that CANF had in Washington, D.C. So much for his concern for Cuba! Other families have been almost as bad in their indifference. When famed Cuban filmmaker Leon Ichaso approached various well-to-do Cuban families for funding of his movie, “Bitter Sugar,” he was ignored by all except the Bacardis who gave him $10,000. $10,000 for the Bacardis is chicken feed. I know Cuban artists who approached that swindler, Cuban American billionaire Alberto Vilar, who was once the biggest opera philanthropist in the world and they were roundly ignored by the self-centered Vilar. When Reinaldo Arenas got together with a much of Cuban millionaires in Miami and proposed that they establish a Cuban publishing house to counter Castro’s propaganda, their reply was:


    Look at the Estefans. That monster of avarice Gloria Estefan attacked the Cuban exile community because they were against some music organization with ties to castro coming to Miami. Her concern? Not Cuba, but that she as the wife of a music producer might miss business opportunities.

  4. I’m not sure it’s just Cubans suffering the me me me now now now syndrome. Look at the U.S., not much honor and sacrifice from the wealthy happening here either, at least that I notice. Perhaps the greatest generation, whether Cuban or American made it too easy for the kids. Perhaps within that quest for a better life for the next generation there is a tipping point where the idea of hard work, safrifice, honor and patriotism, somehow gets lost. Or maybe the propagandists have won.

  5. Ziva, the problem with Cubans is that they are not institution builders. They lack civic duty. Cubans are good as individuals. They are great businessmen, politicians, academicians, and artists, but they can’t come together and certainly not for the good of the country.

    Not all groups are like this. A perfect example are the Jews. Jews are great institution builders. Off the top of my head, they have organizations like B’nai Brith, The Anti-Defamation Leage, Haddasah, the Simon Weisenthal Foundation, etc., they’ve founded schools, hospitals, and museums. Jews are great philanthropists in NYC. You go to any museum in NYC and you see wings that were named after the Jewish families that fund them, etc…

    Cubans on the other hand, are very self-serving, nonchalant and indifferent.

    The mentality of a Cuban millionaire is thus:

    I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of me. The New York Times can say whatever they want about me [here is Cuban arrogance at its best], I think that they are shit anyway. Anyhow, I live well in my mansion, and I have everything and no one is worth more than me, so f–k everybody.

    Cuba? Well, I really don’t care anymore. I have more pending concerns, like my next multi-millionaire dollar business deal, my daughter’s lavish [to show off] Sweet 15 party and the country club.

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