Building in Havana collapses killing four

A deteriorated building in Havana, Cuba collapsed yesterday killing four people and injuring another five. This structure is one of the countless dilapidated buildings throughout the Cuban capital slowly crumbling and nearing collapse due to decades of neglect and upkeep from their owner. The owner, of course, is the Castro dictatorship.

Naturally, there will be those who will jump up in defense of Cuba’s criminal regime to blame the U.S. embargo and how it has strangled the government in Cuba, denying them the financial resources necessary to ensure disasters such as this do not take place. What their argument lacks, however, is an explanation as to why there is no money to fix the decrepit buildings in Havana where typical Cubans are forced to risk their lives living in, but there is plenty of money to build lavish and luxurious resorts for foreign tourists.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a reasonable answer to that one…

Via the AP:

Collapse of decaying building kills 3 in Havana

HAVANA (AP) — Cuban officials say a decaying residential building has collapsed in a densely packed neighborhood of Havana, killing three people and injuring six.

A message read on the midday state newscast Wednesday says the Central Havana building that was home to several families crumbled Tuesday night. Four of the injured were hospitalized.

Central Havana is full of aged structures considered dangerous and uninhabitable. But because of a severe housing shortage, many families continue to live in cramped conditions in unstable homes.

Cuba’s housing stock is plagued by years of neglected upkeep, scarce building materials and the punishing Caribbean rain and sun.

The death toll has since risen to four since the four, reports Punt de Vista.

Images of the disaster via Penúltimos Días:

2 thoughts on “Building in Havana collapses killing four”

  1. Not a problem. Another excuse to accuse the embargo for the disaster that is Castro, Inc. Don’t be shocked to hear Ortega or even the pope during his visit use it that way.

  2. Ahh, the contributions of the unquestionable self-appointed leftist “patriots”, a forcefully ruined and destroyed nation literally falling to pieces.

    Indeed Asombra, the embargo. How contradictory however that American’s corporations and its capitalistic consumerism, the culprits of all world misery (according to these frauds), are now also the culprits of Cuba’s obvious misery because they are ABSENT in Cuba.

    Furthermore, wasn’t Castro the one the who wanted the American corporations out, a Cuba free from Yankees, and the one who forcefully expropriate ALL private property as a result? But of course, it’s illegal to question the sect leader nor the credo of the sect which is to be anti-USA, anti-capitalism, and repeat all the fraudulent trash the leader says.

    I remember a friend of mine who once told me about a documentary which analyzed what would happen to New York City in only a matter of weeks if human life ceased to exist. I told him “In Havana it would do no difference” and he died of laughter for he knew it was true. That’s the effectiveness of Castro’s rule.

    I must say however, how sad that it wasn’t a hotel full of Che t-shirt wearing Canadians the one that crumbled. Maybe then the maple suckers would be bothered to finance dystopian destruction. Because don’t forget, as long as the “state owned” buildings, aka state ROBBED buildings, keep falling on oppressed Cubans the header is “despite all, Cubans are happy”. But hey, God forbid a drop of water were to drop from the ceiling of their hotel room, maricones.

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