Wilmar Villar Mendoza

Wilmar Villar Mendoza, Cuban dissident on hunger strike for 50 days protesting his incarceration and the abject violation of his basic rights and freedoms, died yesterday at the hands of the Cuban government. He was 31 years of age.

Wilmar Villar Mendoza died a hero, not only because of his courage to stand against the Goliath of the castro regime for his convictions, but because of the steadfast dignity of his sacrifice.

Wilman Villar Mendozr was subjected to unimaginable brutality and inhumanity. He was tortured physically, psychologically and spiritually. Yet he never gave in and never gave up.

Wilmar Villar Mendoza never relented for he knew that the suffering he endured, the degradation forced upon him and the cruelty he was subjected to was not about one man. It wasn’t solely about his imprisonment. It wasn’t solely about the usurption of his rights and freedoms. It wasn’t solely about the injustice and indignity unleashed upon him.

Wilmar Villar Mendoza sacrificed and died so that 11 million of his fellow Cubans could be free of the very tyranny that killed him.

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  1. No, Henry. Let’s end the US embargo, I mean, the blockade, establish full diplomatic relations and, of course free the “Cuban Five” (regardless of whether or not Cuba frees Alan Gross). We have to show we’re serious about ending the Cold War, or whatever.

  2. Exactly guys, the Castro brothers knows very well that the Obama administration is been their accomplice and will let them do as much as they please.

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