“Arab Spring” Frozen Under the Islamic Winter


“Democracy” … Somebody can serve you rattle snake and tell you “it tastes just like chicken”, but it’s still rattle snake.

Egypt held their first elections since the Obama administration helped influence the ousting of ally Hosni Mubarak from the country’s leadership. As expected the country’s secular government is now about to convert to an Islamic theocracy as Egypt’s Islamist parties won 75% of parliament:

CAIRO – Final results on Saturday showed that Islamist parties won nearly three-quarters of the seats in parliament in Egypt’s first elections since the ouster of authoritarian president Hosni Mubarak, according to election officials and political groups.

The Islamist domination of Egypt’s parliament has worried liberals and even some conservatives about the religious tone of the new legislature, which will be tasked with forming a committee to write a new constitution. It remains unclear whether the constitution will be written while the generals who took power after Mubarak’s fall are still in charge, or rather after presidential elections this summer.

In the vote for the lower house of parliament, a coalition led by the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood won 47 percent, or 235 seats in the 498-seat parliament. The ultraconservative Al-Nour Party was second with 25 percent, or 125 seats.


Muslim Brotherhood lawmaker Mohammed el-Beltagi said the new parliament represents “the wish of the Egyptian people.”

Egypt’s elections commission acknowledged that there were voting irregularities, but the vote has been hailed as the country’s freest and fairest in living memory.

The liberals who spearheaded the revolt that toppled Mubarak struggled to organize and connect with a broader public in the vote, and did not fair as well as the Islamists. […]

So, the Egyptian people, in what is being presented as their first “democratic” election, may have just used their first exercise of democracy to vote themselves out of a democracy. The Muslim Brotherhood is claiming it does not seek to force its views about “an appropriate Islamic lifestyle” (Shariah Law) on Egyptians, but I would gather the Al-Nour Party may just have something to say about that. And never discount the outside influence of those not holding seats in the government. It is also important to note that while the MB claims the country will not force Islam on others living within Egypt, some citizens, Coptic Christians in particular, are not so convinced as the violence and oppression against them increases.

The U.S. State Department is meeting with Muslim Brotherhood party leaders, and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton has phoned the Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Amr, following-up an earlier call by Obama to Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi:

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Saturday called Egypt’s foreign minister to discuss the country’s economic and political situation, as well as events in Syria, the State Department said.

It said the telephone call covered the same ground as President Barack Obama’s discussion with Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi on Friday, which the White House said was focused on Egypt’s need for a democratic transition. […]

So, the Obama Administration wants a ‘democratic’ transition from a secular Egypt to an apparent, and possibly inevitable, theocracy, and the current military control needs to comply. Begs the question, “Or what?”

Not to be left out, Jimmy Carter is urging the Obama Administration to support Egypt’s Islamists … in the interests of democracy, of course:

“What has happened in Egypt boosts democracy and freedom,” Carter was quoted by CNN as saying.

He added that Egypt now has the opportunity to form a democratic government elected by the people; it also has the same opportunity as free societies to achieve freedom and human rights.

Carter said he considers the US objections to the Islamists’ win in Palestine, referring to the Hamas movement, to have been a mistake, stressing that this mistake won’t be repeated with Egypt.

“I think it was a big mistake. Maybe we would now have peace in the Middle East if we had recognised a new, elected new government and supported and worked with it,” he commented, adding that this what we have learnt now in Egypt.

“We are now behaving differently, by giving the Islamists the chance to rule,” he commented.

Remember, Jimmy Carter is the godfather of our present day Iran. Islam does not recognize “freedom and human rights” … especially of women, raped women, un-covered women, girls attending school, female genitals, young virginal boys, gays, a variety of farm animals, non-Muslims, moderate Muslims, fellow radical Muslims, certain geometric shapes, certain delicious animal products, Christians, Jews, and Buddhists, sovereignty and laws of other nations, tall buildings and commercial airliners, and free speech.

Libya, following Obama’s kinetic operation that ousted Muammar Gaddafi, looks to be going down the road Egypt is, only a bit quicker and without benefit of election. The country might see a real civil war before anyone claims any sort of victory in controlling the country. Already those we armed are insisting Sharia be instituted, and some are not waiting for any sort of election or constitution to impose the fundamental Islamic law. Libya is far from ‘settled’, post-Gaddafi. Apparently there is no room for moderate Muslims in the newly “liberated’ Libya. There too are outside influences pushing for control, and anything but democracy.

The Arab/Muslim/Islamic world is talking to the rest of the world and is spiteful and emboldened, but we seem not to be listening. From Bill Roggio at The Long War Journal:

The al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula commander who took control of a town in central Yemen late last week has released a short videotape urging Muslims “to unite and be patient” as “the Islamic Caliphate is coming.”

Tariq al Dhahab, the leader of the al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula forces that seized the town of Rada’a in Baydah province last weekend, made the statement in a 54-second-long video on YouTube that was released on Jan. 18. The statement was translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.

“So, be patient, perseverant, and stationed,” Dhahab told the “Muslim Ummah,” or community. “The Islamic Caliphate is coming, with permission from Allah, and it will be established, even if we sacrifice our own skulls, money, children and homes.”

How serious is this Islamic Caliphate movement? Islamic flag over the White House: Radical Muslims want America ruled by Shariah

The “Arab Spring” has also resulted in an increase of anti-Semitism not just in the Middle East but in Europe. Radical Islam has been enabled over the last three years of Obama’s laughable extending of an unclenched fist. They literally see him as weak and a failure, as a recent secret letter to Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei resulted in scoffing at the would be world leader. And he believes all he need do in Afghanistan is convince the Taliban to renounce its terrorist ties in order to have “peace talks”.

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13 thoughts on ““Arab Spring” Frozen Under the Islamic Winter”

  1. “…in what is being presented as their first “democratic” election”

    No need for the “quotes,” it was literally democratic by definition.

    “…may have just used their first exercise of democracy to vote themselves out of a democracy.”

    At least you’ve stopped saying the first vote will be their last.

    “an apparent, and possibly inevitable, theocracy”

    Wait, is it inevitable or is it already apparent or is it only possible? It can’t be all three at the same time.

    If the Freedom and Justice Party is so evil, why are they proposing to ally themselves with the secular Wafd rather than the truly bad actors in the Nour Party? Those are the caliphate-loving islamists you like to speak of, not the FJP. And there’s a huge difference between some guerilla forces in Yemen talking up the caliphate and what the muslim brotherhood’s representation in an egyptian parliament represent.

    By the way, you link to a quote by a radical british muslim and a 10th century scholar to claim that there’s a design for an islamic flag over the White House? The Al-Tabarani reference is to a white palace, specifically the palace of Khosrau (Chosroes) I of Persia in Ctesiphon.

  2. So, I gather you are pleased with Egypt’s ‘democracy’ that is playing out.

    I am not surprised.

    “At least you’ve stopped saying the first vote will be their last.”

    I don’t believe I have actually used that wording, (but I could be wrong). After all, they do vote in Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, etc., and did so in Iraq under SH, just so they can be called “democratic”. And how democratic is an election if people are being terrorized and threatened into voting a certain way, or for not doing so?

    By the way, I tend not to trust anything/anyone Jimmy Carter endorses or supports.

    This administration and the world media are giving the impression this sort of “democracy” is what we all know as true democracy. It is not. But then redefining words has become a common practice for several years now. (When I was in grade school the words gay and queer were on my spelling lists, and their meanings had nothing to do with sexuality.) The hijacking of words/meanings is undeniable. What I am seeing going on is not democracy, but sanctioned coups. Sorry.

    The citation you question … There are many ‘leaders’ in radical Islam that are fueling their terrorist foot soldiers with this agenda. If you don’t think they are being told the ultimate goal of a caliphate is to do just that, well, whatever. Right now CAIR already has far roo much influence over this country and our free speech.

    The MB is very good at politically presenting themselves as moderate and reasonable. But I would venture to say the elections went more according to what I and others here anticipated, than what you proposed they would.

    The liberal influence in the downfall of Mubarak has been squelched. There really never was much hope for them from the start. They were not nearly as organized or supported by the Egyptian people as they thought. The MB and it’s fundamentalist support parties were sitting in wait. The liberals were their useful idiots.

  3. …how democratic is an election if people are being terrorized and threatened into voting a certain way, or for not doing so?

    Seriously, you don’t think this election is an improvement upon the way Mubarak has been “elected” in the past? …or for that matter Ben Ali, Gaddafi, Saleh, Assad?

    Democracy is a messy thing. But this is democracy. Just not the outcome you’d prefer.

    The hijacking of words/meanings is undeniable.

    …like the hijacking of Al-Tabarani’s words to mean something they aren’t.

    I would venture to say the elections went more according to what I and others here anticipated, than what you proposed they would.

    I’m pretty sure I said all along that if and when Mubarak fell the military would guide a transition, as they did, and the Muslim Brotherhood would not be able to gain a majority in the parliament and would have to form a coalition with liberals.

    “If you don’t think they are being told the ultimate goal of a caliphate is to do just that, well, whatever.”

    Oh, I believe there are hysterical elements telling folks all sorts of things about the caliphate, including radical muslims.

    Right now CAIR already has far too much influence over this country

    That’s just laughable. I’m no fan of CAIR but they have no more “influence over this country” than many other advocacy groups.

    “…and our free speech.”

    CAIR spends way too much time worrying about what this or that group is saying but so does the Catholic League and the ADL.

    Self determination is a natural, god-given right that even muslims should expect to enjoy.

  4. I don’t want to spam the posts with photos but if you imagine a blackboard, a map of the caliphate and a straightjacket, that’d be George explaining the arab spring to us.

  5. For the last time jsb,

    If the Muslim brotherhood takes complete control of Egypt you’ll see democracy out of the window and possibly another conflict with Israel.

    Happens all the time, non-Democratic groups and individuals take power in free, democratic elections and once achieving complete control of the country’s political institutions and military they proceed to abolish democracy.

  6. Seriously, you don’t think this election is an improvement upon the way Mubarak has been “elected” in the past? …or for that matter Ben Ali, Gaddafi, Saleh, Assad?

    Democracy is a messy thing. But this is democracy. Just not the outcome you’d prefer.

    No. I don’t. As to the outcome not being to my liking … “A people get the government they deserve.” Aren’t we all seeing that in many corners of the world, even here? Perhaps the people in the Arab world are getting what they deserve. If this is so great, why the post ‘democratic’ election “Green Revolution” in Iran a couple years ago? Why didn’t this administration jump in there the way they have in Egypt, Libya, and soon Syria? Yeah, I would have prefered a secular outcome in Egypt, for Israel’s sake. If Egypt were isolated I would care less. But they are not.

    “…like the hijacking of Al-Tabarani’s words to mean something they aren’t.”

    I’m hijacking them? Must I list various Imams and clerics that have hijacked them? And these Imams and clerics have direct influence and charge over the terrorist element of Islam. I’ve hijacked nothing.

    As to CAIR, you can believe what you wish. But I really fail to see where I am being “hysterical”. Using my judgement to look at something with a healthy dose of skepticism isn’t hysterical. But then, there were those pre-WWII that said the same about “hysterical elements” telling folks all sorts of things about the caliphate the German NAZI Party, including radical muslims Hitler and the German Nazi Party, even as they gained power and control, first in Germany and then across Europe. One was Neville Chamberlain.

  7. “JSB, so far pretty much everything we’ve predicted or opined about the Arab Spring has come true. Yours? Not so much.”

    I said often and repeatedly that these wouldn’t be western-style democracies and that in the case of Egypt, the muslim brotherhood would not gain a majority. I’m not sure why you prefer the secret police jailing and torturing civilians over a muslim people choosing their own government. It’s truly baffling to me.

  8. Oh, Lord, so now the Freedom and Justice Party is the Nazi party?

    Mubarak’s secret police jailed, tortured and murdered. Wouldn’t it have been nice if Egypt’s election was won by liberal (in the classic sense), western-educated secularists. But I never, ever claimed that that would be the case.

  9. “Mubarak’s secret police jailed, tortured and murdered.”

    Okay, it won’t happen under Egypt’s new Islamic government and a Shariah based constitution.

  10. George,

    Pity Scott that has not learned the Cuban proverb that states that there is no blinder person than the one that does not want to see the obvious…

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