Raul Castro’s Reforms: ‘Freedom’ purchased for $285

The more we learn about the “reforms” being instituted in Cuba by the murderous and brutal dictatorship of Raul Castro, the more it is confirmed they are nothing but cosmetic attempts to divert attention from the continued and increasing repression on the island. Nevertheless, this does not stop the media and “Cuba Experts” from touting these “reforms” as monumental and earth shattering.

The latest “reform” being touted are loans being given out to Cuban citizens by the dictatorship. In this AP report in the Washington Post, we learn that the Castro regime has lent out a whopping $150,000 to an extraordinary amount of 526 Cubans.

When you break it down, that is an average of $285 per loan, which apparently, according to the press and “Cuba Experts,” is the purchase price of “freedom” in communist Cuba.

Cuba says $150,000 in loans given to more than 500 borrowers in first month of credit program

HAVANA — Cuba says island banks have approved $150,000 in loans for 500 borrowers in the first month of a lending program that aims to support homeowners, small-business people and farmers.

The effort is part of President Raul Castro’s economic reform package and took effect Dec. 20.

Central Bank vice president Fancisco Mayobre says 3,100 loan applications were received, and 526 approved.

Mayobre says 90 percent of the loans were for building materials or to pay for construction labor. Cuba has a severe housing crisis that some of the reforms attempt to address.

The rest went to agricultural producers and entrepreneurs starting their own businesses.

Mayobre’s comments were published Friday in Communist Party newspaper Granma.