A campaign tip for Candidate Gingrich

If Chicago’s O’Hare offered such scenes by Czech and Hungarian refugees in the 1960’s–we somehow missed it. Folks outside our ghetto who see such pictures must assume they show crowds of Cubans anxiously FLEEING the oppressor nation…HAH!

Mr Speaker, your letter to Unidad Cubana states:

Re-establishing the 2004 Bush Administration regulations related to travel, as well as conducting a comprehensive review and reassessment of all Obama administration executive orders related to Cuba travel, including the 1994 Clinton-Castro “wet-foot/dry-foot” migration accord.

Your enemies will take this as a “sop”–as “pandering” to the “powerful” and “sinister” and “racist” Cuban-American voting bloc. The Republicans will pretty much get this bloc regardless. Despite all the doubletalk by politically-correct parties, any “outreach” to “Hispanics” by a political candidate boils down to pandering to Mexican-Americans. I realize you can’t say that in public. It’s only permissible to say against Cuban-Americans.

But in fact Bush Administration regulations related to travel, etc. –if packaged correctly–could play well among Mexican and non-Cuban Hispanic voters (the ones you need.) To wit: In essence you’re pledging to treat Cuban immigrants more in the manner of all other “Hispanic” immigrants, to knock these snotty people down a couple of pegs. No more “Affirmative Action” to favor Cubans. No preferential “refugee” status for people who–far from behaving as refugees nowadays–actually serve as a major lifeline to the regime they purportedly “fled.” This affirmative action towards Cubans has been long-resented by other “Hispanics.”

So turn it around: It’s not “Gingrich the revanchist hell-bent on turning back the clock to Bush’s archaic and mean-spirited Cuba policy!”–but: “Gingrich the Great Equalizer!” “Immigrants to our great nation will now be judged by the content of their character not by the accident of their birthplace!”

Why not try it in Phoenix and L.A.?