Moral Misery

Juan Abreu’s Emanaciones #1002 (my translation):


They have killed another Cuban dissident. Wilman Villar. They starved him to death. Hunger, hospitals, those are the new firing squads of Castroism. Villar was imprisoned for disrespecting and attacking authority. This is encouraging. What we desperately need in Cuba is disrespect and attacks against authority. Let them start putting up the dead and the families destroyed. The time has come. Nothing will be achieved peacefully. Only kicks in the ass and clubs and death and hunger is what damn pacifism will achieve. Nothing more. In a country like Cuba, the idea itself of dissidence has something obscene about it, sheep like. Dissidence? What that dictatorship needs are enemies. Enemies. Armed, if possible. And while those enemies fail to appear and act, there will be no hope for liberty whatsoever for that sinister island.

At the edge of death, I hear some “leaders” of the exile: “this is the only way we have left to struggle,” “they will be recorded in our history.” Pure bullshit. More than leaders, these people castrate, serving the dictatorship by propagating the stupid idea that the Cuban people are condemned to inaction. The stupid idea that there is some type of dignity in allowing oneself to be slaughtered like a sheep. There is no dignity at all in letting yourself be slaughtered like a sheep.

If they are going to kill us, at least let’s take some wolves down with us.

They killed Zapata. They killed Laura Pollan. Now it was Wilman Villar’s turn. Everyone knows where to find the assassins and their accomplices. But no one will do anything.

That cowardice is the moral misery that defines us.