Riot breaks out in Havana prison, chants of ‘Down with the dictatorship!’

Punt de Vista reports on a riot that broke out in a Castro prison in Havana (my translation):

A riot with chants of down with the dictatorship in a Havana prison
Opposition sources are repoting that on Monday, a riot broke out in the Combinado del Este prison in Havana and that at this moment, six prisoners are now on hunger strike. According to political prisoner Luis Enrique Labrador, an inmate hung a sheet up on the wall of Building 2 of the Combindado del Este in the prison patio with words written on it that read: “Down with the Castro dictatorship, liberty for Cuba’s prisoners and liberty for Cuba’s sick.” The prisoners were also demanding a revision of judicial proceedings that they consider unjust. “The protest has been magnificent, we hope it does not end here,” said Labrador.

Listen to the declarations of this political prisoner: