Rubio, Romney, and Gingrich at the Hispanic Leadership Network Conference

Val and I had a great day yesterday at the Hispanic Leadership Network Conference in Doral where we enjoyed the events, met some new friends, and caught up with some old ones.

Here are a couple of news highlights from the conference events yesterday:

  • After yet another miserably failed hit-piece, this time from Reuters, Senator Marco Rubio gave a passionate and inspiring speech yesterday morning to a standing room only crowd at the conference. His speech was briefly interrupted by a minuscule group of pro-amnesty Dream Act “activists” (for lack of a better term) who attempted to heckle the senator. Having seen these provocateurs in action over the past few weeks at different political events, it has become more than obvious that they are woefully inept in garnering attention and sympathy for their cause. With few people outside their tiny ranks willing to listen or support their misguided crusade, they have resorted to desperate acts of disruption at public events in order to get news cameras pointed at them. They may call themselves “immigration activists,” but after seeing how they operate, a more apt description would be “media whores.”