3 thoughts on “Quote of the day”

  1. I honestly believe Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen was smarter. “If Romney wins Ambassador to a free Cuba…” Give me a break. Romney just wants to be elected, thus, he says want us Cubans want to hear. He will not beat Obama. If he gets elected, we would have another MC Cain run.
    Newt has a better chance.

  2. I am quite disappointed with the overt pro-Romney stance of most Republican Cuban-Americans in Congress. It suggests they are, in fact, part of the rather lackluster Republican establishment, which I have come to distrust. However, they have certainly been a big factor in Romney’s current standing in the Florida primary and his probable win. May they not wind up with major egg on their faces.


    If he’s nominated then Obama will preside over Fidel’s death most likely and pick our ambassador 🙁

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