Latino Group’s Campaign Against Sen. Marco Rubio’s Politics vs His Heritage


The left and democrats always claim to be the party of total inclusion and “a natural home for minorities”, while, allegedly, the republicans have a very segregated tent. And when a conservative minority individual points out how it is not so natural, but a process of conditioning and even “brainwashing”, they are also attacked. Yet, the liberal/left concept of “race” identity seems to end when an individual does not have the hive mind set. Now conservative Republican Sen. Marco Rubio is being told by a Latino group to choose between his heritage and his political views…

(SF Gate) — Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is at the top of every pundit’s short list to be the Republican vice presidential nominee, in the belief that having a Latino in the second spot on the ticket will attract Latino voters who have been fleeing the GOP in recent years.

But today at the Hispanic Leadership Network conference in Miami, the Berkeley organization Presente Action is launching a national anti-Rubio campaign during his big moment in the national spotlight, days before Tuesday’s critical Florida primary.

Their assertion, backed by recent surveys, is that Rubio’s positions on several key issues, immigration in particular, are far from the mainstream of the Latino electorate.

So Presente, a 3-year-old, 250,000-member online hub that aims to be “the Latino” is aiming its campaign at the senator who is a Tea Party darling. The campaign’s name: “No somos Rubios.” (“We are not Rubios.”)

“Rubio has to decide,” said Presente Action co-founder and strategist Roberto Lovato, “if he’s a Latino or a Tea Partino.”

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8 thoughts on “Latino Group’s Campaign Against Sen. Marco Rubio’s Politics vs His Heritage”

  1. Not to smear anyone by ‘generalizations’, but these ‘Lah-teen-no’ groups that have as their agenda a RACIAL and ETHNIC priority in everything they do, are primarily supported by Mexicans and Puerto Ricans.

  2. another left wing, smearing, pro raza, pro amnesty and pro letting everyone in and teaching them how to get free heath care, disability and food stamps group.
    They are so transparent they are their own joke.

  3. Look closely @ this group and others like it and you will find nothing but a herd of misinformed and embittered (for whatever reason) losers, living off grants and looking for govt handouts at every turn. The only way they could make a living is peddling ethnic hatred and class envy; like Jesse Jackson and his race pimps, these so-called latino groups can’t tolerate anyone thinking for themselves, succeeding without their help, or going off their ideological reservation. Best way to fight these morons is to educate our own; it vaccinates them against the deadly virus that is leftist ethnocentric rhetoric.

  4. Where the hell do these laateenos get their nerve from? What CHUTZPAH! So we have to follow their agenda or else the keepers of the gate [which is how they see themselves] say that we’re betraying our heritage, but when we need support in our struggle against the tyranny that’s destroyed our country, they’re the first to support engagement with castro, who flock to Cuba to rub elbows with the nomenclature [like the Hispanic National Congressional Caucus and Bill Richardson has done many-a-times] and when we needed help during Elian, none of them helped us [on the contrary, they helped castro], but we have to stop everything and support them or else we’re not true to our heritage. All that I can say is F–K YOU!

  5. New definition:

    Latino: A brown skinned person with a leftist political slant, who idolizes Cesar Chavez and Che Guevara while collecting govt assistance.

  6. When and if these “Latinos” take an openly, unequivocally and consistently pro-Cuba and anti-Castro, Inc. stance, then, and ONLY then, can they talk to me. Otherwise, I owe them absolutely nothing, and they have no right to expect anything else. And by the way, don’t call me Latino–I am no such thing, and neither is Marco Rubio. These people are frankly pathetic.

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