Is Obama just incompetent or a Saul Alinsky radical?

If you agree that Obama is a Saul Alinsky radical, then how is Mitt going to defeat him if he doesn’t recognize, or is not willing to call him what he is?


It’s not just economy stupid, it’s the constitution.  Live free or die!


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4 thoughts on “Is Obama just incompetent or a Saul Alinsky radical?”

  1. Thanks so much for that italicized phrase to dissociate yourself from this post. I don’t see you do that whenever anyone says nice things about Romney. No need there, I suppose.
    I’m with Ziva.
    Our side may come to rue the day we nominated Romney. I sure hope he beats Obama, but Mitt doesn’t get it. In so many ways he doesn’t get it. Newt has all kinds of baggage and things he has done I don’t agree with, but at least he GETS IT.

    The sole responsibility for the content of this comment lies with the author. It implies an endorsement of an individual candidate.

  2. Honey, unless I misunderstand, it seems you think someone else added the italicized phrase to my post. I added the phrase to my post as this is my personal endorsement only, and I have never written anything nice about Romney. Ziva

  3. I fear our fellow Floridians will make a HUGE mistake tonight and hand Romney the nomination 🙁

    Gingrich has baggage sure, but at least he actually believes what he says. I’d rather go down with a fighter, than with a mormon-John Kerry.

  4. Ziva, I am completely in agreement with you. Voters are so concentrated in the economy that they are forgetting we are losing our freedom. Without freedom, money does not matter!

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