Orlando now featuring direct flights to Cuba

Because Tampa is oh so far away, it is inhumane to force Cuban mules to drive all the way from Orlando to Tampa lugging all those hundreds of pounds of flat-screen TVs, stereo systems, refrigerators, toasters, quinceañera dresses, fashion accessories, makeup, and all the other luxury items and wares they traffic regularly to the island and sell to an enslaved population.

El relajo continues:

Orlando gets permission for Cuba flights

Orlando International Airport has received permission to offer air service to Cuba.

Airport officials said Wednesday that their application was approved by federal authorities.

There are no scheduled flights at this time.

1 thought on “Orlando now featuring direct flights to Cuba”

  1. Orlando is only giving the public, or a certain public, what it wants and will pay for (and it’s a pretty sizable public, and growing). That’s how business works. We have seen the problem, and it is us. It may not even be worth making an issue of it, since the malady is beyond obvious and, I’m afraid, incurable (not least because the afflicted either ignore or deny that there’s anything wrong).

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