Dilma: The cow can go to hell

Juan Abreu in his Emanaciones #1016 (translation by Asombra):


The president of Brazil has visited the frightful island. There she sniffed profusely the asses of the Castro brothers. I’m not going to belabor the matter because, in the final analysis, what the hell do I care what that cow does?

But. Madame President had her guerilla phase, robbing banks and planting bombs. She belonged to one of those groups financed and trained by the Castros when Cuba was a Russian colony and a large segment of the crapulent Latin American intellectuals longed for a Cuban-style Stalinist regime. Due to her terrorist activities, Madame President was put in jail by the Brazilian dictatorship, interrogated, tortured and locked up for 22 months.

Three things: That Madame President was tortured much less than Wilman Villar or Orlando Zapata. That the time spent in prison by Madame President amounts to a short vacation compared to the prison terms of thousands of Cuban political prisoners. That the cow can go to hell.

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  1. Madame President speaks:

    “After experiencing being a political prisoner, I have a historic obligation to those who were or are prisoners solely for expressing their points of view, their opinions.” She conveniently omits mentioning that she was imprisoned for rather more than speaking her mind (such as robbing banks and terrorist activity).

    “A Western democratic country like ours has to be a country very conscious of the question of human rights. And that applies to all.” All, obviously, does not include Cubans.

    No further comments are necessary. She is what she is.

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