More Mad-Hatter Logic on Cuba


“Cuban military leaders and other connected families are getting rich under the status quo through black-market gasoline, monopolies and government contracts. Any opening with America could doom their scam.” (From The New York Post)

We’re well used to Mad-Hatter logic on Cuba by now. To wit: A murderous pscychopath who declares “Judicial evidence irrelevant!” who boasts that: “we execute (by the THOUSANDS!) from Revolutionary conviction!” whose “nostrils dilate while savoring the odor of blood!” becomes a hero of judicial activists against Capitol punishment.


A racist warmonger who craved “Millions of Atomic Victims!” for the “victory of Stalinism!” becomes a hero to minorities and peace groups:


The son of a rich, European latifundista, also a cowardly, scheming deadbeat who used a scoped rifle to murder (mostly) hapless Cuban guajiros and mulatos(Batista’s army and rural guard) from long distance, while gold-digging from Cuba’s white oligarchs and richest men (Julio Lobo, “Tofi” Babun, Barcardi’s “Pepin” Bosch) –then scurries and hides behind the skirts of the two richest and most powerful nations in history for survival (Missile-Crisis “solution”) becomes a: “hero of the poor”, a “champion of blacks,” “plucky underdog” and “MACHO-MACHO Man!” who “STOOD-UP TO the Yankee colossus!”


Now we learn from the New York Post that trading with Cuba will FOIL the Castroite military’s business-monopoly in Castro’s fiefdom.

Capitol Hill Cubans marvels at the classicaly Alice in Wonderland logic.