The Obama administration’s ‘people-to-dictatorship’ Cuba travel policy

Newsbusters exposes the fraudulent “people-to-people” Cuba travel policy of the Obama administration. The supposed contacts taking place between American tourists and Cubans are actually contacts — or better described, cash transactions — between American tourists and island tourist operations owned by the Castro dictatorship, which, to no one’s surprise, promote and glorify the brutal and repressive Cuban regime.

WashPost Coos ‘So Nice to Meet You, Havana’ (But Bring Your Own Charmin)

Sunday’s Travel section in The Washington Post carries the big headline “Meet Me In Havana,” or online, it’s “So nice to meet you, Havana.” Inside the headline was “In Cuba, finding vivid color and colorful people.” Team Obama has made it possible to go on “people-to-people” trips to Cuba.


But the WashPost writer was not exactly one of those rebellious reporters seeking to make trouble for the Castro regime.  She has signed up for a “highlights of the revolution” tour, and she can’t gin up the courage to walk away from the pack. She just admits it in the newspaper:

The Friendly Planet itinerary, packed with homegrown and institutionalized goodies, kept us busy from breakfast till dinner. The company never issued a statement requiring our participation, yet I sensed a tacit obligation to board the bus every day.

To clear up any ambiguities, I asked Ruby Goldman, the American representative of Friendly Planet, whether I could duck out to the beach. I had a plan in mind, involving a $3 public bus ride that left from Parque Centrale. I just awaited permission.

“You can do anything you want,” she said inside the Havana Club’s rum museum, “as long as you do the people-to-people. I’m not the police.”

Despite her consent, I felt like a truant for skipping out on the planned activities. Guilt squelched my independent streak. Resolved to behave, I pulled out the day’s events and started underlining.

Off to the “Museum of the Revolution” she went…

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  1. Maybe we should just expect everyone to screw us, since practically everyone has. At least we’ll save ourselves the trouble of being “surprised,” disappointed and otherwise hurt or offended. That way, we can stop wasting time and energy on useless, futile and ultimately demeaning wishful thinking and focus on what WE ourselves can actually do. The kindness of strangers is a nice concept, but it’s not reality. Deal with it.

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