4 thoughts on “Fidel: All molar, all the time”

  1. “Muelero” is slang for liar. As for “guerrillero,” he only played at being one. He always kept well out of harm’s way, as he had absolutely no intention of dying for the cause. It’s like the old line “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.” Same goes for his mousy half-brother, Castro II, who’s a general like I’m a Martian.

  2. Asombra, as usual your observations on right-on-the-dime. castro is a liar. He is not/has never been a guerillero and his brother is not a general and never was one. They never went to military school, they never rose through the ranks of the armed forces and were certainly never, ever in combat, have no war scars, combat history, wars-under-there belts. All that they ever did was to execute [call it assassinate] a couple of guajiros captured in la Sierra Maestra where they hid and castro spoke on his clandestine radio. The Cuban “revolution [which is not a revolution either], is the biggest farce on the face of the earth as is this new biography.

    Unfortunately, he seems to pull the shots as the adoring mainstream media and academia seem to love him and never question him.

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