Reagan and Thatcher went back in time to murder Ché

The Ecuadorian National Assembly of dictator Rafael Correa issued a resolution condemning the “assassination” of the vicious and psychopathic murderer, Ernesto “Ché” Guevara. According the Ecuadorian National Assembly’s version of history, Ché was in effect murdered in 1967 by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, who apparently both boarded a time machine and went back in time to snuff out this “great revolutionary hero.”

My translation of a report on this resolution:

The author of this resolution, Tomas Zevallos, a representative of the Orellana provice (Amazonia), reminded everyone that October 8 was the 44th anniversary of the assassination of Ernesto Guevera, “who died for his ideals and revolutionary projects belonging to the youth of the time, struggling against the neo-liberalism of Margaret Thatcher and the so-called ‘conservative revolution of Ronald Reagan,'” said the assembly member.

5 thoughts on “Reagan and Thatcher went back in time to murder Ché”

  1. These days Rafael Correa must be spending too much time chewing coca leaves with his buddies Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez.

    • The secret is out. The highly classified flux capacitor technology was indeed used to travel back in time. Back to the Future was, in fact, an allegory of the trip made to Bolivia in 1967 by Maggie and Ron.

  2. kenko,

    Ponte en cola, lol.

    I’m afraid you’ll have to wait in line to get inside that time machine because there will be lots of people with your same intentions.

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