Earlier this week Alberto posted a story on the upcoming primaries in Venezuela. You can gather the people of that country are hoping for change in their next presidential election. I believe many of us can sympathize with them. For over three years some of us have made the comparisons between Obama and Hugo Chavez. However, I found myself easily able to substitute Chavez’s name with Obama’s as I read this article

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan opposition supporters vote on Sunday in a primary likely to anoint youthful governor Henrique Capriles as the candidate to face socialist President Hugo Chavez in an October election that is already shaping up as a fierce fight.

Outwitted by Chavez since 1998, opposition leaders hope the nationwide ballot will galvanize their ranks, produce a unity candidate and help them finally unseat Chavez, whose mix of social spending and hostility to business has split the OPEC member nation’s people.

Obviously I was able to ignore the “OPEC member” reference amid the blinding parallels because, under Obama, our nation is not only NOT an OPEC member, but cannot even enter into the Keystone Pipeline agreement with our neighbor and ally Canada. Quite the contrary, Obama seems content with our country being at the mercy of OPEC members who regard the U.S. as an enemy, even if Obama believes he’s won them over with his unclenched fist.

Strong voter turnout on Sunday would help give the opposition momentum for a campaign where it hopes to portray Chavez, 57, as a Cold War-era ideologue who has lost focus on day-to-day problems such as crime and unemployment.

I know … Weird, isn’t it?

“I’m not an imperialist. Those are debates from 50 years ago when I wasn’t even born,” Miranda state governor Capriles recently told reporters, referring to Chavez’s epithet for foes.

“This is a debate between stagnation and progress.”

Here I was struck by the similarities of the liberal/leftist democrats’ (and the media’s) constant depiction of conservatives/republicans running in this country’s election cycle. Among other scare rhetoric, the race card has been thrown down so many times by these people that it has become so transparent you can see straight through to their lunacy in using it, and the choruses of things like “Jim Crow”, in order to obfuscate the real and critical issues. Obama and democrats warn republicans will pull the country back decades away from the progress that they have made. Yeah, that is pretty much the plan. The real progress we need is exactly the same progress Venezuela needs.

Drawing derision from Chavez, the five candidates in the primary have crisscrossed Venezuela, from Andean foothills to Amazon jungle hamlets, attacking his record and promising to stay united behind whoever wins on Sunday.

Well, I hope they are successful at that because our guys have spent more time and energy beating each other to a pulp and barely landing a glove on Obama’s failed record … and I am having a hard time envisioning unity in the GOP at this point of our long campaign.

Read the article in full here.

3 thoughts on “Parallels”

  1. The key problem, in Venezuela as here, is that a terrifyingly large number of people who get to vote are fools, idiots, or worse.

  2. asombra,

    Make no mistake about it, Venezuela’s vote is rigged in favor of Hugo Chavez.

    The opposition will never beat Chavez in an election (even if they gather the necessary votes) because Chavez and his cronies (with Cuban help) will manipulate the numbers. It happened before during the referendum to remove Chavez from office (and probably in the other presidential elections) and will continue to happen because the Venezuelans are afraid to take arms against the government.

    The only hope left for Venezuelans is that the cancer finally claims Hugo Chavez’s life…

  3. I read sometime ago that there are Venezuelans in the USA that witnessed the massive fraud that has taken place over the years in the Venezuelan elections and how the Chavez side manipulated the numbers and all these individuals had to leave the country as soon as they made their testimony public.

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