‘We See You in Our Rear View Mirror Trying to Surpass Us Off The Cliff’

“You deserve better, my friends, and we expect better…”

I have been listening to and reading about Daniel Hannan for a few years now. I imagine our Founding Fathers had more than a bit of the Brit left in their accents and proper English as they discussed and debated the basic founding of our republic post-Revolution. I find it striking that some of the loudest pro-American patriot voices have foreign accents, especially English accents. How ironic is it that the country we fought for our independence from over 235 years ago, and who fought back at us to keep us entangled with them, are now urging us to hold onto our republic and independence centuries later? Conservative people, such as Hannan and Mark Steyn, speak the strongest about this nation’s best qualities, and warn us against following the rest of the socialist world off the cliff.

Love this guy.

Great Britain’s Daniel Hannan at CPAC 2012:

Here is a bit of Mark Steyn’s latest column, “The Church of Obama”, regarding the “women’s health” mandate that sparked last weeks major rift with the Catholic Church, and other religious sects, and the Obama administration, but I recommend reading it in full so as not to miss Steyn’s sarcasm and dry humor therein…

The bigger the Big Government, the smaller everything else: First, other pillars of civil society are crowded out of the public space; then, the individual gets crowded out, even in his most private, tooth-level space. President Obama, Commissar Sebelius, and many others believe in one-size-fits-all national government — uniformity, conformity, supremacy from Maine to Hawaii, for all but favored cronies. It is a doomed experiment — and on the morning after it will take a lot more than a morning-after pill to make it all go away.

And a reminder from Pasha as he intimidates the good Dr. Yuri Zhivago with the stark reality they now live under. Yep, we are that red locomotive in Hannan’s rearview mirror.