Watch Cuban human rights activists be beaten and arrested; watch Castro security crudely try to hide the beating

The following video clip taken in Cuba on February 1st lasts only one minute and 32 seconds, but it perfectly illustrates the brutal violence and repression taking place in Cuba at the hands of the vile Castro dictatorship and how it tries to hide it from the rest of the world. In the clip, you can see a group of Cuban human rights activists marching down a road peacefully, and seconds later, several Castro State Security agents violently descend upon them and begin beating them before finally taking them away in patrol cars. During the violent attack, two agents for the Castro dictatorship attempt to block the filming of the violent act by holding up a sheet in front of the cameras recording the event.

This despicable attack and the crude attempts to shield it from the eyes of the world personifies the true identity of the Castro dictatorship: A brutal regime intent on violently oppressing the opposition, and hiding this violence from the rest of the world.