Your Tuesday Babalú Ajiaco for February 14, 2012

El Viandero made a stop by the Babalú kitchen this morning and provided our chefs with some fresh pickins’ for your Tuesday ajiaco.

  • Cuban defector and baseball phenom Yoenis Cespedes passed over the Miami Marlins and signed a $36-million deal with the Oakland A’s. Our sources in Cuba tell us there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth in Havana over this news. Not because the Castro dictatorship lost one of its most talented baseball players, but because they lost the 95% management fee they normally get from selling their slave labor.
  • It used to be that spies looked like Sean Connery and carried out dangerous missions with nerve gas spewing pens and umbrella rifles. Now, according to the AP and the Castro dictatorship, they are sexagenarian balding men carrying out humanitarian missions and packing network routers.

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