Apúrate, que viene el Papa (Hurry up, the Pope’s on his way).


The Spanish newspaper ABC reports that the Cuban authorities are building a house in El Cobre, across the street from the shrine of Our Lady of Charity. The house is being built for the pope, so he has a place to stay for one night, when he visits the shrine on the 26th of March.

The house will also accommodate five members of the pope’s eleven-person entourage.

Whether the house will be up to papal standards remains to be seen. Swiss guards have been sent ahead, to inspect the site, and they are insisting that some safety barriers must be erected. Fausto Veloz, the Cuban in charge of this construction project, said the pope’s one-day house will be tightly wedged between an existing wall and the St. Basil the Great Monastery, where the other six members of the papal entourage will be housed.

It wasn’t clear whether Fausto Veloz was complaining or bragging.   It also wasn’t clear whether he had gotten the job because his surname was “Veloz” (Quick or Fast).

What is eminently clear from the photo accompanying the article is that the construction equipment is cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, 21st century stuff. Just take a look at that high-tech hand-held laser-guided instant-concrete-mix-and-pour device cleverly disguised as a crooked  pole (known in Cuba as “el palo mágico“). Also notice the three other workers who by sheer act of  Revolutionary will can erect walls  by merely staring at the ground.   Notice, too, the carbon nanotube reinforcing bars being held in place by President Obama’s long-lost twin brother .  This rebar,  known in Cuba as “las cabillas requetemágicas,” will instantly multiply a thousandfold and make the pope’s house bullet and bomb proof. That’s where the belt being worn by President Obama’s twin brother comes into play. All he has to do is to aim the buckle at the nanotube rebar, and it will replicate itself.

Now, aren’t you jealous of the progress made down there, just a mere ninety miles from Key West?

Full story here: http://www.abc.es/20120215/internacional/abci-cuba-prepara-santuario-cobre-201202151949.html

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  1. Carlos, don’t you know that’s because of the “cruel and inhumane” blockade? Just ask any Cuba expert. All of the tyranny’s scarcities are– simply put– because of the blockade. If the sun in Cuba were to stop shining tomorrow, that too would be because of the blockade.

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