Hugo Chavez Is Already Making the U.S. Republican Primaries Look Like a Kindergarten Time-Out

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Castroite lackey Hugo Chavez has begun his campaign against opposition leader Henrique Capriles with all of the tactics provided for him by his Cuban advisers. Oddly enough, it is Reuters that has broken the news of the smear campaign under way — the same European news agency that never dares to report on what is really going on in Cuba. Thus far, as of midnight Eastern time, not a single American newspaper had picked up the story. Only the leftist Guardian in the UK is running the Reuters piece right now.

Notice that among the accusations already being made against Capriles two stand out: that he is gay, and that he is a “Zionist” with Jewish grandparents. As despicable as one would expect, these attacks are only likely to get worse, perhaps even to the point of turning into the “discovery” of some “crime” that makes him ineligible to stand for election. Keep an eye on this one, as Chavezilla wrestles with his cancer.

CARACAS, Feb 14 (Reuters) – President Hugo Chavez’s allies are bombarding Venezuela’s newly anointed opposition leader with attacks casting doubt on the legitimacy of the primary vote, questioning his sexuality and disparaging his Jewish roots.

Auguring a rough campaign ahead of the Oct. 7 presidential election, the torrent of accusations against Henrique Capriles began just minutes after his landslide win at the Democratic Unity coalition’s primary on Sunday.

With Chavez himself uncharacteristically quiet, senior officials and state media have led the attack, denouncing Capriles – a 39-year-old state governor who wants to be Venezuela’s youngest leader – as “bourgeois” and “fascist.”

“Now we know who is the candidate of imperialism, of capitalism and the right wing,” said Congress leader Diosdado Cabello, a former military comrade and longtime staunch supporter of the socialist president. “The anti-patriotic candidate has a face. He won’t have an easy election campaign.”

Capriles – the grandson of Jews who survived the World War Two Holocaust in Poland – defines himself as a center-left “progressive” who admires Brazil’s “modern left” model of free-market economics with a strong social conscience.

The attacks against him foreshadow a tough election battle in the polarized South American OPEC member nation, where Chavez has strong support among the poor and denounces opponents as representatives of a discredited, super-rich elite.

The most furious accusations have come from state media commentator Mario Silva, who often targets Chavez’s foes on his late night TV show, “The Razorblade.”

Silva insulted opposition leaders and then read out a purported police document reporting Capriles was caught in a car having sex with another man in 2000.

Capriles denied the allegation and said the document was falsified. Police have not commented.

Another state radio commentator, Adal Hernandez, wrote a vitriolic profile of Capriles, highlighting his Jewish family background and titled: “The Enemy is Zionism.” Capriles, a practicing Catholic, has not responded to the profile.

One cartoon, retweeted on Wednesday by a senior Chavez aide, showed Capriles in pink shorts with a Swastika on his arm, squaring up to a much larger, muscular Chavez. He often talks emotionally of his grandparents’ escape from Nazi repression.

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2 thoughts on “Hugo Chavez Is Already Making the U.S. Republican Primaries Look Like a Kindergarten Time-Out”

  1. So, Henrique Capriles is the grandson of Jews and he’s gay, but he’s also a Nazi? Straight out of castro’s playbook! Is Chavez ever a great student of Castro’s! It doesn’t matter how ridiculous it is, throw every imaginable thing out and see what sticks!

  2. Apart from what Chavez does, Capriles looks weak to me. He appears to think he can get somewhere by being civil, polite and avoiding calling out Chavez for what he is. Sort of like Romney with Obama. Corina Machado at least sounded rather more forceful and forthright.

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