The Castro Oil of The Occupy Movement

(Mario Brito with Occupy LA protestors)

For months they have claimed they represent the 99% of everyday Americans in this country. As democrats and the media tout them as a “grass roots spontaneous movement”, many of us know differently about those behind organizing and supporting them. And if you pay closer attention than the 2.5 minutes of MSM news coverage and repetitive media ‘talking points’ meme that these neo-hippies camped out in the country’s streets and parks are expressing the frustrations of typical Americans you recognize that they do not. Over these last several months we have seen the truth about the core of this movement seeping out of the over filled septic tank of anarchy and Marxist fascism, and their focus will not stop at the dreaded “1%”.

Now comes a report on the Cuban sponsored convention of communist led labor unions (The 8th U.S./Cuba/Mexico Latin American Labor Conference) in Tijuana, Mexico early last December, where the OWS movement got far more than a passing mention. From “Econonomic Sabotage? A Case for the FBI? Occupy Wall Street and the Cuban Connection”, by Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog:

Certainly “Occupy” was on the conference agenda. Detroit activist and former conference organizer Cheryl LaBash, wrote in a November 5 article in Worker’s World, the publication of the militantly pro-Cuban Worker’s World Party:

Where is the electrifying Occupy Wall Street movement headed? From capitalist media pundits to the Occupy Wall Street encampments struggling to hold public space in countless cities and towns across the U.S., this question is bubbling underneath the daily actions and police repression.

An opportunity to discuss the experience of other such movements will take place just across the U.S. border from San Diego in Tijuana, Mexico, on Dec. 2 to 4 at the 8th U.S./Cuba/Mexico/Latin America Labor Conference.

It will follow a three-day Workers’ School with instructors from the Lázaro Peña Cadre School in Havana, Cuba.

The “National School for Trade Union Cadres Lazaro Pena” is affiliated with the Cuban Workers Trade Union Central and works with the Cuban office of the World Federation of Trade unions to “train” Caribbean and Latin American labor officials, from its base in Havana.

It is an organ of the ruling Communist Party of Cuba, charged with spreading Castroite doctrine throughout the region, by way of the labor movement.

A key US attendee at the Tijuana conference was Eric A. Gordon, an affiliate of both the Los Angeles Communist Party USA and its front organization, the Los Angeles Workers’ Center – which is headed by communist and Occupy Los Angeles leader Arturo Cambron.

Occupy “city liason” Mario Brito also has a long Communist Party record, as do several others in the organization.

Communist Party members have played leading roles in the “Occupy” movement well beyond Los Angeles.

It is a long piece (with a lot of links), but worth the read, as Trevor Loudon has documented quite a bit of the communist and Castro-Cuba influence outside and inside the Occupy movement the media refuses to expose the average American to who are blindly glaring at their TVs.

The Occupy CPAC of last weekend will be nothing, compared to the promised revival of 1968 by the Occupy organization at the republican and even democrat conventions. They have no intention of righting this nation’s economy. Quite the contrary, they are determined to burn it all down and replace it.

HT: Alberto via Gulag Bound