Senator Marco Rubio Blogger Conference at CPAC

I had the honor to be invited to a special, closed door blogger conference with our esteemed Senator at CPAC and the inimitable and irreplaceable Sarah Rumpf – whom you should be reading – was there to record it all:

Part 1 – Senator’s remarks:

Part 2 – Q&A:

Part 3 – Q&A:

2 thoughts on “Senator Marco Rubio Blogger Conference at CPAC”

  1. He’s a good listener and responder; he’s quick, sharp, on the right side on all of the issues and he’s precious.
    What more can we want?

  2. Honey,

    I may catch flak here for making this statement, but Marco needs to stop the talk, put his money where his mouth is and throw his hat into the ring NOW because he’s wrong thinking that America can be rescued after a second Obama administration.

    America is hanging by a thread between the current state of our economy and this POTUS making the wrong national security decisions by trying to slash our defense budget to dangerous levels during war time and cut our nuclear deterrence by eighty percent while enemies like Iran are pursuing nukes and North Korea increases its nuclear arsenal.

    On top of it, POTUS is destroying the moral fiber of our country by filling the Supreme Court with liberal appointees that will execute his Communist, Marxist, Socialist agenda for America.

    This is how our current POTUS is executing the destruction of this great country and many on both sides of the political isle just don’t get it. I’m beginning to wonder if the Senator understands what’s at stake here.

    Senator Marco Rubio may think that he can stop the Obama agenda working from the Senate but I sincerely think that he has a better chance of accomplishing this goal if he was in charge of the oval office.

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