Where’s Hillary?

See if you can spot Obama’s Secretary of State at this gathering of the G20 in Los Cabos, Mexico. It’s hard, so take your time.


It is the fear of every party guest, turning up in an outfit not suited to the dress code.
And unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, her slip up was witnessed by top government officials from across the globe.

Wearing a lime green shirt, the Secretary of State was placed in the middle of the foreign ministers – all dressed in crisp white shirts – for a G20 ‘family photo’ in Los Cabos, Mexico.

But rather than adding a red face to the fashion faux pas, Clinton appeared to be tickled by her choice of outfit, laughing with her fellow leaders as the photographer snapped away. And perhaps Clinton’s colourful choice was intended to make an impact on the special occasion – she is in Mexico for the first G20 Ministers of Foreign Affairs informal meeting.

The gathering is an opportunity for the U.S. and other G20 members to discuss how to boost sustainable development, food security and the international economy, among other issues. The Department of State said: ‘This visit is an opportunity to reinforce close relations among nations and to identify common objectives and strategies to address global challenges and ensure global prosperity.’

Unfortunately, Clinton’s wardrobe choice meant she looked far from ‘at one’ with her international counterparts.

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6 thoughts on “Where’s Hillary?”

  1. For the record, these arent just crisp white “shirts.” They’re Guayaberas. And, in Cuba, these are infamously worn by State Security agents and other regime ruffians.

  2. Seriously, it’s sad. She’s supposed to be representing the USA, not Belize. I mean, get a frigging clue, hon, OK? Can you imagine what the others in the photo, especially the women, thought of Hillary’s “slip”? It makes her look ditzy, half-assed or desperate for attention. If she can’t do better than this, just send Biden. At least he’s known to be functionally retarded, so no one would be surprised. And while I’m at it, what the hell is up with that 1960s teenager hairdo? It’s hardly age-appropriate and looks distinctly goofy, which doesn’t exactly suit her position. Can you imagine what someone like Angela Merkel would think of it? It’s all we need—-a Secretary of State with age regression issues. Sheesh.

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