Judy Gross, the wife of American hostage in Cuba speaks out

In response to the AP’s fantastical and absurd cloak and dagger tale about Alan Gross‘ work in Cuba helping Jewish organizations on the island connect to the internet, his wife, Judy Gross, speaks out:

Gross’ wife, Susan, addressed the AP story’s claims for the first time on Sunday in a breakfast with congregants at Congregation Chizuk Amuno in Baltimore.

“To suggest that Alan had any ulterior motive other than to help Cuba’s small Jewish community improve its access to information through the Internet and Intranet is categorically false,” she said in prepared remarks shared exclusively with JTA. “Unfortunately, in countries like Cuba, the free flow of information is forbidden, and therefore it should come as no surprise that Alan had to be careful and discreet while he was in Cuba.”

She added, “That members of the media and the blogosphere continue to debate and analyze Alan’s work—a discussion in which the participants openly speculate as to his motives and his actions, despite having never met the man or even spoken with him—while he rots in a Cuban prison without the opportunity to freely and openly respond, is deplorable.”

Susan Gross described her husband’s mission as setting up unfettered Internet access to communicate with Jews outside Cuba and an Intranet so the communities—some in remote areas—could communicate with one another, “allowing them to share things like recipes, prayers and even sports scores.”

She described testimony at Gross’ trial by an elderly Cuban Jewish man who needed assistance in getting to the stand.

“When the prosecutor asked him what Alan showed him on the Internet, he became emotional and said, ‘We saw the world!’ ” she recounted. “A bit taken aback by this response, the prosecutor asked the witness to explain further. He said that Alan used the Internet to show them places they had never seen before—pictures of the Western Wall in Jerusalem and the city of London. Clearly he did so through Google Earth, something we take so much for granted in our country.”

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  1. When an ill Roosevelt outvoted Churchill and gave in to Stalin at Yalta and returned the Russian prisoners of the Nazis to Russia, Stalin had the prisoners all killed. why? Because they had seen the outside world. Even if it were only in a German prison camp, that was tmi for Stalin.
    The one thing Communist leaders fear most is information from the outside.

  2. FDR deliberately deceived the public regarding his health status from the start, which is inexcusable (JFK did it, too). By 1945, he’d been having FREQUENT small strokes for YEARS. He was absolutely NOT fit to be in office and should have stepped down or stopped running for re-election. On top of that, he was an absolute fool regarding “Uncle Joe” Stalin. By the time Yalta took place, he was VERY compromised health-wise. It’s beyond appalling that both he and his people simply acted as if it didn’t matter. Harm WAS done, SERIOUS harm, but of course he was and remains a liberal darling. Unreal.

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