Cuban Liberty Council calls on Interpol to issue arrest warrants for murderers of Brothers to the Rescue pilots

Via the Miami Herald:

Exile group wants Interpol to issue warrants in the 1996 Brothers to the Rescue shoot down

Today marks the 16-year anniversary of the Brothers to the Rescue shoot down of two exile plane. To mark the day, local exiles announced they want Interpol to issue arrests warrants against those responsible.

Members of the exile group Cuban Liberty Council on Thursday asked the U.S. government to request international arrests warrants be issued by Interpol against those responsible for the downing of two Brothers to the Rescue planes that killed four Miami-Dade exiles 16 years ago today.

“The murderers will not go unpunished,” said Ninoska Perez Castellon, a journalist with Radio Mambi and member of the CLC, at a press conference at the group’s Miami headquarters.

“America must take action beyond sanctions against the Cuban regime and recognize that these people should be prosecuted wherever they are,” Perez said.

The shoot down on Feb. 24, 1996 by Cuban MiGs of the exile planes killed fliers Carlos Alberto Costa, Mario de la Peña, Pablo Morales and Armando Alejandre, Jr.

The island authorities argued that the aircraft had entered Cuban airspace, which was denied by international experts and the International Civil Aviation.

A third twin-engine plane, piloted by the group’s founder Jose Basulto, escaped that day.

On Thursday, Luis Dominguez, director of the website said those responsible on the Brothers to the Rescue killings live with impunity. Dominguez’s website provides information on military and security forces in Cuba.

To prove those wanted are easy to find, Dominguez revealed personal details about the pilots and their supervisors, such as their telephone numbers and addresses.

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