Castro dictatorship arrests two pastors for preaching gospel

Two Cuban pastors have been arrested by Cuban State Security for the crime of preaching in public the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Cuban people. While the hierarchy of the Cuban Catholic church enjoy the protections afforded by their new-found status as partners with the Castro dictatorship, other Christian members of the clergy continue to suffer the wrath of the repressive Cuban regime. For the servants of God outside of Archbishop Jaime Ortega’s circle of complicit friends, there are no wine and cheese parties with dictator Raul Castro. Instead, there is only repression, violence, and humiliation.

Via Uncommon Sense:

2 Cuban pastors arrested for preaching the Gospel

Not withstanding the coziness that some in the Catholic hierarchy share with the Castro dictatorship, religious freedom, like other liberties, is a rarity in Cuba.

Which is the only explanation you need to understand why two evangelical pastors, Julio César Serrano and Juan Moreno, were arrested this week while preaching, with Bibles in hand, outside the bus station in the town of Bayamo.

There were reports that Moreno, who is Serrano’s assistant, was beaten by police, and that Serrano is being denied food and water, according to a report from Diario de Cuba.

“We ask that they end this repression, because there is no law that prohibits preaching the Gospel,” Gonzalez.

Of course, in Cuba there is no law that protects Cubans from this kind of abuse by the Castro regime.

“They were preaching,” said another pastor Wilber Anach González. “They were not talking about politics.”

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  1. These are likely “unlicensed” pastors who are not approved by the government. It takes cozying up to the government and neglecting the Gospel in order to be “allowed” to preach.
    Makes you wonder just what gospel the RCC is preaching in Cuba that they are not considered a threat.

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