Convicted Cuban spy asks for sympathy and ‘justice’

Convicted Cuban spy, Rene Gonzalez, who is currently serving the probation portion of his prison sentence in the U.S., is pleading for sympathy and “justice” from a judge so he can be allowed to travel to Cuba immediately to visit his sick brother.

A Cuban agent on probation in the U.S. after serving a 13-year prison term has told his gravely ill brother in a letter that he hopes they can see each other again, according to a letter the man’s lawyer released Thursday.

Rene Gonzalez, who was released from a U.S. federal penitentiary last year, is appealing a judge’s decision that he serve three years probation in the United States before being allowed to return to Cuba.

At the same time, he is seeking special dispensation to pay a visit to Cuba so he can see his younger brother Roberto, who has cancer and is listed in grave condition at a Havana hospital. Both men are dual U.S.-Cuban citizens.

Nuris Pinero, a prominent Cuban attorney who is part of Rene Gonzalez’s defense team, told The Associated Press that the Gonzalez family hopes that making the letter public will help persuade U.S. authorities to grant her client’s request.

“The family doesn’t only hope to influence the judge, but also anyone who has a love of justice,” Pinero said. “It is a question of humanity.”

Sympathy and justice. Quite a remarkable request from a man who played a role in the Castro dictatorship’s ruthless and despicable murder of four American pilots shot down in international waters by Cuban MiGs.

When there is sympathy and justice for these brave men, we can begin a discussion on sympathy and justice for their murderers.

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  1. Such is the nature of the malignant narcissist. When they perceive themselves as having the power to get away with manipulating you or destroying you with violence and force, they will do so without conscience. And when they do not perceive themselves as having that power, when they are in a position of weakness, they will prey upon every ounce of humanity you have, calling for kindness and mercy and understanding – and they will do this, too, without conscience.

    People like this are the reason the West developed rule-of-law. And its the reason systems of rule-by-law and rule-of-men lead to catastrophe, sickness, and tyranny.

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