Irish Ché Lovers: It’s not politics, it’s about having fun
An artist's impression of the Che Guevara monument on Salthill Promenade.

The controversy stirring in Ireland over the Galway City Council’s decision to erect a monument to psychotic mass murderer Ché Guevara continues. Faced with opposition within Ireland and around the world stating the murderous reality of Ché Guevara, his Irish fans have jettisoned their political arguments in favor of the Marxist killer and instead are claiming “it is not a political thing here and is a fun celebration.”

Via the Irish Times:

[…] While acknowledging that he receives “five or six” emails a day asking that plans to erect the statue be abolished, Cllr Billy Cameron says the plan will proceed, with public and embassy support. “Guevara is descended from two families who are tribes of Galway – the Blakes and Lynches. We’re honouring one of our own from a distance,” he says.

With regards to opposition to the statue, Cameron says: “Will we now go down to Clonakilty and request the people there take down the statue of Michael Collins? Will opponents to this ask the people of Ennis to take down the statue of Éamon de Valera?”

The organisers of the second annual Che Do Bheatha festival, due to be held in the seaside town of Kilkee this September, are adamant the dispute in Galway will not affect their event. Guevara is reputed to have visited the area more than 50 years ago. Organiser Tom Byrne emphasises that the festival, which involves talks, exhibitions and music, is not a celebration of Guevara himself, but rather his image. It was made popular by artist Jim Fitzpatrick, who worked in Kilkee at the time of the visit. “It is not a political thing here and is a fun celebration,” Byrne says.

As long as we are “celebrating” the “fun” side of vicious and ruthless murderers, here are a couple of suggestions for some other festivals they may want to consider:

The Idi Amin Food Festival

Political opposition, they’re not just for breakfast

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The Pol Pot Gardening Festival

How the right fertilizer can make your killing fields into a prize winning garden

14 thoughts on “Irish Ché Lovers: It’s not politics, it’s about having fun”

  1. All those summary executions Che ordered and supervised in La Cabaña fortress in Havana must have been a laugh riot. In any case, he enjoyed them.

  2. “Not a celebration of Guevara himself, but rather his image.” Image. That’s precisely it. It’s all about image, fashion, political correctness. And of course, stupidity, shallowness, indifference and being very, very small.

  3. If Pinochet had Irish ancestry, you can be DAMN sure there’d be no monument for him. Cameron knows it perfectly well. They all do. Bastards.

  4. But yes, Irish fun and games obviously trump any objection from Che’s victims. Just as JFK’s convenience was worth turning Cuba over to the Soviets. We really need to see these things in the “correct” perspective.

  5. “Not a political thing”–but it’s funded by that bastion of impartiality: the Cuban embassy!!!

    Again, these things would not be so bad–except they insist on insulting our intelligence.


  6. It’s made of glass. Should be easy for someone to destroy. But…just for fun, just for the image. It’s not a political thing.

  7. “Again, these things would not be so bad–except they insist on insulting our intelligence. ”


    These people probably think that we’re a bunch of spics that came from a banana republic and have no education.

    I lived long enough and have had several encounters with this type of mentality.

  8. They are insulting much more than our intelligence. For starters, they are insulting our dead, their families and descendants, and the millions of people, Cuban and otherwise, directly or indirectly victimized by Guevara’s actions and ideology. There is no possible justification for this, but practically anything can be rationalized away if it’s spun a certain way. Che’s “image” is just that: a false construct, an illusion, a fantasy. It makes no difference how pretty or noble it may be made to look or sound—there is no real or valid basis for it. The entire Cuban revolution business has been based on lies from the beginning, even before 1959, and the Che myth is simply another instance of that. It is far too late in the game to play ignorant now, barring actual mental incapacity. This is simply another infamy, one of many, committed by the arrogant hypocrites and ideological fashion victims of this world, not just against the Cuban people, but against truth, justice and common decency. It’s not for me to decide whether or not such people should get what they deserve, but what they deserve is not good.

  9. “It is not a political thing here and is a fun celebration,” presumably said with a straight face. Man, that’s rich. I wonder what the families of Che’s victims, many of whom died crying out “Hail Christ the King!” as they were mowed down by firing squad, would have to say about such “fun” and “celebration.” Actually, I don’t wonder at all.

    Such callousness or willful blindness is beyond appalling–it’s obscene. I hope, for the sake of the person who could make such a statement, that he is either mentally retarded or hopelessly stupid. Otherwise, he is simply despicable, like this whole sordid business—behind which, of course, lurks Castro, Inc.

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