Castro regime denies visitation for father of political prisoner

For the Castro regime, viciously beating the political opposition and imprisoning them is not enough. They must also exact a price from their family members as well. The father of Ernesto Borges, a political prisoner protesting his unjust continued incarceration with a hunger strike, has denounced the Castro dictatorship for not allowing him to visit his son whose health is deteriorating day by day.

Via the Miami Herald:

Cuban father demands to visit son, a convicted US spy

The father of a former Cuban intelligence officer jailed in Havana for spying for the United States complained Friday he’s not been allowed to visit his son, in ill health and held in a medical cell amid a three-week hunger strike.

“We are going to go to the prison every day to demand to see him, because we don’t want to see him only after he is dead,” said Raúl Borges, whose son, Ernesto Borges Perez, has served 14 years of a 30-year sentence.

Borges went on a hunger strike three weeks ago to demand he be released on parole. The military criminal code, under which he was tired and convicted in 1999, allows for parole after prisoners serve one-third of their sentences.

His father said he and several relatives waited to see him for seven hours Thursday at the Combinado del Este prison in Havana, but were eventually told that the prison director had banned any visits.

Two prison nurses reported to the family that Borges was being held in a special medical cell within the punishment wing of the prison, the father added, and provided a few details of his health.

Borges suffers from several health issues and appeared “extremely delicate” when the family last visited him Saturday, the father said, noting that political prisoners Orlando Zapata Tamayo and Wilman Villar died amid hunger strikes during the past two years.

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