France’s Beautiful People Partied-Hardy in Nazi Occupied Paris (someone notify Michael Dweck, quick!)


Gosh what a load of BS we’ve been shoveled about the Nazi Occupation all these years by those insufferable French hard-liners and intransigents!

“These (Cuban) folks were glamorous, obstensibly well-off and, above all else, free.” I quote Michael Dweck from his recent HUff-Po piece.

(Communist) Pablo Picasso lived in Paris the duration of the Nazi occupation, utterly unmolested by Nazi authorities, btw.


And oh, despite what French Cuba “Experts” pontificate for us, “national-reconciliation, family-visits, and dialogue” complete with a Papal visit didn’t exactly prevail in liberated France. To wit:

Historian and National Review editor David Pryce-Jones estimates 105,000 summary executions of French collaborators in the months after the liberation.

Merely writing favorably of the occupiers was sufficient for a death sentence. The French writer Robert Brasillach was an example and De Gaulle himself minced few words rationalizing the verdict. “In literature as in everything, talent confers responsibility.” And that was that. On Feb. 6, 1945, Brasillach crumpled in front of a firing squad.

Imagine this legal principle of “intellectual crimes” applied after Cuba’s liberation to Castro’s literary and journalistic collaborators, and with transnational enforcement. The mind reels.

(H/T Zoe Valdes)

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  1. Tut, tut, Humberto. While “talent confers responsibility,” when dealing with so-called right-winged dictatorships, when it comes to Cuba, the mantra is POLITICS AND CULTURE DO not MIX! That is to say, we cannot utter, even, the slightest, most imperceptible protest against any visiting “artist” from inside Cuba, because if we do, it’s because we are insufferable right wingers and troglodytes who simply do not understand the nuance and beauty of art.

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