Wave of Castro repression washes over Matanzas, Cuba

The wave of repression unleashed by the dictatorship of Raul Castro in Cuba over a year ago continues to take its toll throughout the island. The province of Matanzas felt its crushing power recently as the Castro regime set its sights on members of the opposition there this past week.

Via Pedazos de la Isla:

Crackdown in Matanzas

Colon and Perico, cities from Cuba’s central Matanzas province, were the scenes of a crackdown by the Castro regime against Cuban dissidents in that area this past Monday, February 27th.

One of the victims of the government violence was Angel Moya Acosta, an ex political prisoner from the group of the 75, who, on that morning, was on his way to the home of also ex prisoner from the 75, Felix Navarro Rodriguez, in the city of Perico.  Upon arriving at that city, Moya noticed that there was a very strong combined operation, composed of State Security, the Rapid Response Brigades, and the National Revolutionary Police.  According to the human rights activist, “a State Security official intercepted me and ordered me to leave that area, he confiscated my ID card, and called for a police vehicle“.

Moya assured his oppressors that as a free man he could transit through whatever part of his country he desired.  However, the agents aggresively forced him into a police vehicle and drove him to the police unit of Playa Larga.  “In that Unit, I was confined to a dark cell, without water, without my belongings, without a mattress, and completely infested with mosquitos and without being allowed access to a phone to inform my relatives of my situation“.  The dissident, who spent nearly 8 years in the dungeons of the Cuban dictatorship, assured that those who oppress the country “use this kind of cells to torture the detainees, in an attempt to have us stop our activities“.  And that’s how they kept him until the following day, Tuesday February 28th, until 10 AM.

Meanwhile, in Colon, and also on February 27th, the homes of dissidents Carlos Olivera and Juan Francisco Rangel were completely surrounded by State Security mobs.  “My house had been surrounded since 2 AM.  At around 8 AM, I decided to go out to the street (also to the civic activity being held in the home of Felix Navarro) but the police operation impeded me from doing so“, explained Olivera.  A State Security Major told Olivera that he was not allowed to leave his home, to which the activist responded by saying that his house “will not become a prison“.  Olivera tried to continue on his way but was rapidly arrested by force and shoved into a police vehicle, but not before writing a brief message on his Twitter account (@ColiveraCuba), denouncing that he was being detained.  In addition, the dissident began to shout slogans in favor of freedom- “We want Multi-Party elections“, “Long live freedom of expression“, and “Down with the dictatorship “.  As if he were a criminal for defending the rights of the people, Olivera remained behind the bars of a Colon police station until 8 PM.

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