They write letters…

In a letter to the editors of the Miami Herald, Coral Gables resident Javier Mora decries the “senseless embargo” against the Castro dictatorship. The argument Mr. Mora makes is quite astounding:

Senseless embargo

We are mad about the American Airlines bankruptcy and all the jobs that will be lost in our community. Why are there no proposals from South Florida’s Republican congresspersons? Why are they strangely silent?

It’s campaign time and they know that the one single action that can solve American Airlines’ bankruptcy and save thousands of jobs is ending the Cuba embargo, but that would probably cost them their jobs. So it’s ideology over common sense and votes over jobs. When will the absurd and counterproductive Cuba embargo end? Miami-Dade voters will have to decide.

Javier Mora, Coral Gables

In this letter writer’s opinion, American Airlines had to declare bankruptcy and lay off workers not because of corporate mismanagement and bloated, unsustainable union contracts, but because of the U.S. embargo against the Cuban dictatorship. It is an argument as preposterous as it is inane, and very reminiscent of the asinine logic constantly presented by Cuba’s tyrannical regime.

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  1. Blame the Miami Herald for posting that absurd letter. Shouldn’t there be some sort of level of common sense in the letters to the editor that they choose to print? Oh, wait! We’re talking about Cuba, so all common sense flies out the window and everything is permitted if it attacks the exile community and is anti-embargo.

    By the way, don’t miss this line:

    “So it’s ideology over common sense and votes over jobs.”

    In other words, what he is saying is that the Cuban American congressmen should discard the wish of the people who elected them, make a farce of the mandate given to them by the Cuban Americans, and just vote against their will by supporting a lifting of the embargo. In other words, STOP REPRESENTING THEM.

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