Church in Havana celebrates mass for health of Venezuelan dictator

I understand that Christ taught us to pray for our enemies as well as our friends. But how many masses have been celebrated at the Cathedral of Havana in honor of the Ladies in White, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, Laura Pollan, Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, Sara Marta Fonseca, and the hundreds of other brutalized and murdered victims of the Castro dictatorship?

Via El Nuevo Herald (my translation):

A mass for the health of Hugo Chavez is celebrated at the Cathedral of Havana

Havana – The Cathedral of Havana today celebrated a mass to plead for the quick recovery of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who underwent surgery a week ago in Cuba to remove a cancerous tumor.

Cuban minister Bruno Rodriguez, and from Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, along with other officials from both countries attended the Catholic mass officiated by Bruno Musaro, the island’s Apostolic Nuncio. Also participating was Havana’s Archbishop, Cardinal Jaime Ortega.

During the homily, prayers were made calling for the health of President Chavez and for his quick recovery so he can return and carry out his duties in the government.

8 thoughts on “Church in Havana celebrates mass for health of Venezuelan dictator”

  1. Well, after the mass for the recovery of the Monster-in-Chief, this is nothing, or rather, it’s just par for the course. I suppose Hugo was duly appreciative for this ecclesiastical gesture and made a correspondingly generous donation, though far be it from me to suggest a monetary motive. No doubt the mass would have been given anyway, just like the one for the Maximum Abomination. Note that the chief celebrant was the Vatican envoy to Cuba, Bruno Musaro, although Ortega, of course, also participated. In other words, this was not just Ortega’s doing. It’s a pity the pope hadn’t arrived yet to do the honors himself. It’s all very edifying–or enlightening, at any rate.

    But really, we should all be, you know, “mature” about this, as the Herald in its immaculate wisdom and unassailable Cuba expertise would surely advise us. Besides, as Archbishop Wenski has so kindly pointed out already, we’re not fit to opine on what the RCC does in Cuba, being mere ignorant exiles who are not “on the ground” (presumably, American Jews should keep their traps shut about the Middle East because they’re not “on the ground” there, either). Needless to say, the very fact we are Cubans is already a serious handicap, which is why official Cuba experts are so frequently non-Cuban.

    So yes, formally praying for the recuperation of a major, key sustainer and supporter of Castro, Inc., so that he may continue as such, presumably indefinitely, is just, well, charitable. One could, at least theoretically, ask for charity towards the miserably oppressed Cuban people, and even (though it’s admittedly impertinent) ask for justice for the victims of Castro, Inc. (at least the living ones, as dead victims are quite mature and don’t make nuisances of themselves). But again, one must be reasonable. Everyone may deserve charity, but some can make more, uh, persuasive claims to it than others.

    And if some of you nasty Chihuahuas think I’m being sarcastic, there’s no sarcasm here at all. Just like there’s no censorship in Cuba. So there.

  2. Evil runs wild on our world today and the RCC plays accomplice to Lucifer’s designs.

    I never though that it could get this bad…

  3. Does anyone in the world need any further proof of the vile servitude of the Cardinal and the papal nuncio? Incredible….

  4. Funny how a bunch of communist atheists are brought to believe in that “opiate of the masses” when facing death…

    In Hugo’s case I hope this is one prayer the Almighty will decline to grant.

  5. elemaza,

    Basically these Communist atheists are using the RCC to legitimize their tyranny because they understand very well the political influence that the RCC still exerts around the world.

    Unfortunately the morally bankrupt RCC leaders we have today are playing the willing accomplice role to the Castro tyranny.

    This is what this world is coming to…

  6. “Prayers were made calling for the health of President Chavez and for his quick recovery SO HE CAN RETURN AND CARRY OUT HIS DUTIES IN THE GOVERNMENT” (caps mine).

    In other words, the Cuban RCC and the papal nuncio in Havana officially asked God to cure Chavez so that, in effect, HE CAN CONTINUE DOING WHAT HE’S BEEN DOING: ruining Venezuela, propping up a horrific totalitarian regime in Cuba, and subsidizing toxic, noxious Latrine Americans like Nicaragua’s Ortega, Bolivia’s Morales and Ecuador’s Correa. Obviously, he could do even worse, via dealings with the likes of Iran, China and Russia. As far as one can tell, the good prelates did NOT call for Chavez to admit to large-scale, heavy-duty evil, repent of it and never engage in it again. Too impolite, I suppose, not to mention impolitic.

    There’s no need to say very much, of course, as this act speaks for itself. LOUDLY.

    But don’t fret, ye of little faith. Our betters, such as Archbishop Wenski (who being Polish-American naturally understands the Cuban situation better than Cubans could) and the official brigade of secular Cuba experts, surely have an eminently mature explanation for this. Come to think of it, even more renowned authorities in these matters would find this outrage, I mean mass, a pretty routine move and nothing to get excited about. You know, authorities like Machiavelli.

    And by the way, does anyone know if the Venezuelan RCC has done the same thing? After all, Chavez is THEIR earthly ruler, not Cuba’s, though not a few believe that he, and by extension his country, are ruled from Havana.

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