Your Tuesday Babalú Ajiaco for March 6, 2012

Your weekly Babalú ajiaco is a good one today. We have all sorts of yummy ingredients sure to make your mouths water and your lips smack. Have a seat and enjoy!

  • When Pope Benedict XVI visits Cuba later this month, the pontiff will meet with the diabolically evil Castro brothers. However, the Vatican has just stated that they will not meet with Cuba’s Santero priests. Apparently, that visit would violate the principles of the Catholic Church.
  • California’s Visalia Chanber of Commerce has just added a second tour of Cuba for its members. For the paltry sum of just $3,899, you, too, can experience the majesty and thrill of watching other humans live in misery and repression from the comfort of an air-conditioned motor coach. It is sort of like visiting a giant zoo, except these animals are nowhere near as well taken care of or fed.
  • Because every brutal dictatorship needs fuel to power its tanks, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has sent a third shipment of diesel fuel to the Syrian regime. Nothing saddens a dictator more than to see his tanks standing idly with empty fuel tanks while there are throngs of dissidents just waiting to be squashed.
  • A Knoxville, Tennessee man plans to paddle a small boat from Cuba to Key West, retracing the route taken by Cubans trying to escape the vile Castro dictatorship. His motivation? Honoring the courageous Cubans who have embarked on this deadly voyage to escape enslavement? No. Honoring the thousands of Cubans who have lost their lives on this voyage? No. It is a much more personal thing: “I’ve always been attracted to something that everybody says you can’t do it.” Nice. I hope he runs into a few ghosts on his way.