They write letters…

St. Thomas University, a Catholic university here in Miami, has chosen to engage in the Obama administration’s “People-to-Dictatorship” cultural tourist junkets to Cuba. They have sent out invitations to their alumni to take part in this trip to Cuba, which includes walking tours of Old Havana, cigar factory tours, and a peaceful stroll down the famed seaside boulevard, El Malecon. However, not all of St. Thomas’ alumni who received this invitation are happy with the university’s decision.

Below is the text from the invitation sent out by St. Thomas to its alumni and the response sent back by one particular alumna who took justifiable offense to the school’s decision to sponsor this trip (the names in this correspondence have been omitted to protect both the innocent and the not so innocent).

From St. Thomas University:

Dear Alumni,

St. Thomas University is offering a religious and educational trip to Cuba May 19th through the 26th. We can take the first 40 people who reserve space and send in their deposit.

Please click here to see Cuba Trip Itinerary.
Land /Tour price is $1,939 per person based on double occupancy.

Single Supplement is $549.00

Charter Roundtrip air fare from Miami to Havana via American Airlines is $459.00 per person.

A $500.00 deposit per person is due by February 28th, 2012.

Final payment is due by April 2nd, 2012.For those interested, this is a wonderful opportunity.

Thank you for your consideration.


(Name withheld)

And here is the response from a St. Thomas alumna:


As an alumna, a Catholic, and the daughter of refugees of Cuba’s Communist, atheist, repressive regime, I am offended and appalled that St. Thomas University would engage in the same farcical promotion of tourism to Cuba– tourism that fills the coffers of the regime and enables it to continue its policy of state-sanctioned abortions, of religious persecution, of indiscriminate arrest, torture, and of denial of all fundamental human rights endowed by Our Creator.

After a cursory review of the itinerary, I am compelled to ask if the tour of “El Morro” will cover the blood stained walls with the bullet holes cause by the execution by the regime’s thugs of scores of innocent, freedom loving Cubans whose last cry was: “Praise Christ the King!”

I must ask, if the tour of Havana includes a visit to the notorious prison Combinado del Este where they torture and starve prisoners of conscience. Maybe you’ll visit the Kilo 8 prison in Pinar del Rio? In El Cobre, will you meet with Cubans who sought to hear the inspiring words of then Bishop Maurice but were rounded up by Cuban State Security upon leaving mass? Will you meet with the Ladies in White who are repeatedly beatened and arrested after attending mass, merely for raising the public awareness of the plight of their loved ones and the Cuban nation? Will you meet with any of Cuba’s peaceful dissidents or former political prisoners?

Until today, I was proud to be associated with STU. I am now ashamed.

Rest assured, however, that I will make it a priority to inform all who care about freedom, democracy, and human rights and who refuse to afford the Cuban regime an economic lifeline to perpetuate the suffering of the Cuban people.

I would ask STU reconsider this misguided approach.

However, if STU proceeds with this trip, please do not contact me ever again and remove me from all your lists.

With deep regret,

(Name Withheld)

H/T Ana M.

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  1. Not a problem. I’m sure Wenski approves, and so does Ortega (he’s “on the ground,” you know, which means he can’t possibly be wrong). Besides, who are we to deny people their vacation fun? It’s the lure of the exotic, the forbidden, and so forth. Anyway, we’re now supposed to be “respectful” of Castro, Inc. Ask Saladrigas. We’re supposed to accept “otherness” (which sounds so much more palatable than perversity or evil). True, if I’d gone to St. Thomas University, I’d also feel betrayed and insulted, but you know how Chihuahuas are. “Those people” just don’t get it, as usual.

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