I SWEAR I am NOT making this up! (Boston Herald article on Cuba, circa 2012 still parroting Castroite propaganda circa 1958!)

“Ese tipo Goebbels?–Sheeeee-it…HAH-HAH-HA! un bebe de teta!”

From Today’s Boston Herald:

“Corrales lived through the Revolution and the years that preceded it when Fulgencio Batista killed an estimated 20,000 of his countrymen.

A couple Google searches could have shown Ms Cohen that the (then) Castroite who spread the Castroite whopper (in Bohemia magazine) revised the number of dead in ENTIRE anti-Batista skirmish to a total of 898–ON BOTH SIDES! (also publihsed in the Jan, 1959 issue of his magazine.) He latter admitted to the original grotesque lie–and blew his brains out in remorse! (among other regrets.)

From Mrs Cohen herself in an earlier article:

“He (Robert Novak) was the quintessential Washington skeptic. He just did his homework and it’s the kind of thing I wish more people did.”

Absolutely ‘Un-Freakin-Real

(Oye pero la verdad que deben leer el articulo de la Senora Cohen entero. La verdad que esta bastante bueno. Es que simplemete a este Fontova le ENCANTA JODER!!)

3 thoughts on “I SWEAR I am NOT making this up! (Boston Herald article on Cuba, circa 2012 still parroting Castroite propaganda circa 1958!)”

  1. From Genocide Watch:


    Years, number executed, perpetrators, and note that IMO, if you honestly resarch the 1000’s 1959-present, you will find that those 1,000’s are hundreds of thousands.

    Cuba 1945 – 1959 100’s rebels Rightist gov’ts
    1959 – present 1000’s “counter – revolutionaries” Castro gov’t

    And this doesn’t include the torturous murder of Orland0 Zapata Tamayo, and uncounted others who perished in Castor gulag hell, or those Balseros, who never made shore.

  2. I find it so incredible that these journalists continuously rehatch and recycle castro’s propaganda, especially in today’s computer world when real information if one earnestly looks for it is at our fingertips. I noted with utter dismay the resurrecting of Bohemia’s 20,000 dead-by-Batista canard. What sloppy journalism, but then again, 95% of all Cuba reporting is sloppy, misleading, and outright non-factual.

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