Jim Belushi in Havana–that whacky cut-up! (and imagine what his hosts captured on film!)

Public pictures of Jim Belushi hamming it up in Havana last week…As many know–his private nightime hijinks are for viewing by regime apparatchiks only.)

“I love Cuba!” bellowed comedian Jim Belushi last week from a Havana stage. The comedian who cashed-in on his comedian brother’s name was giving a comedy routine as guest of a regime whose “constitution” mandates two years in prison for any subject overheard cracking a joke about his host.

Jim Belushi was basking as Master of Ceremonies of Cuba’s Cigar Festival, which—while auctioning cigars to millionaire businessmen from around the world– raised over one million for the regime that jailed, exiled and murdered most of Cuba’s businessmen. Fidel Castro’s son Tony was chuckling from a ringside seat.

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3 thoughts on “Jim Belushi in Havana–that whacky cut-up! (and imagine what his hosts captured on film!)”

  1. pototo,

    God knows what kind of “exchange” Jim was involved that the Castro minions video taped…

    I’m sure that video will be used for blackmailing purpose if the need arises.

  2. Look at the pretty, vapid girls, all tarted up to smile at the foreigners with real money. Belushi looks tired and stale, and I expect he just couldn’t pass up a “starring role,” even at some cigar show. He can always get some mileage out of such a gig back home, or try to. And this doesn’t have to qualify as “people to people;” they can sell it as a “cultural exchange.” It’s all BS anyhow, and they all know it. Again, this Belushi was never A-list, and he may not even be C-list now, so this is minor stuff. But remember, what makes this sort of event possible is the paying customers, not the MC. Those customers are more offensive, to me, than yet another show biz cretin being cretinous.

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