Cuban Catholic Church uses Castro State Security to evict occupiers

The partnership between the Castro dictatorship and the hierarchy of the Cuban Catholic Church became painfully obvious yesterday for thirteen dissidents occupying a church in Havana. Cardinal Jaime Ortega enlisted the help of the Cuban regime and used its security forces to evict the occupiers.

Via the BBC:

Catholic dissidents evicted from Havana church

Cuban dissidents who had occupied a church in Havana to demand an audience with Pope Benedict when he visits later this month, have been evicted.

The group of 13 want the Pope to press Cuba’s communist government on issues such as the release of political prisoners and an end to repression.

The protesters were removed from the Church of Charity in central Havana late on Thursday at the request of the city’s cardinal.

The Pope is due in Cuba on 26 March.

“Cardinal Jaime Ortega addressed the competent authorities to invite the occupiers to abandon the sanctuary,” Roman Catholic Church spokesman Orlando Marquez said in a statement.

The dissidents were removed without resistance, it added.

The group of eight women and five men had entered the church on Tuesday night, occupying an area off-limits to worshippers.

Pope Benedict has not announced any plans to meet Cuban dissidents during his trip.

His trip will begin in the eastern city of Santiago, where he will meet Cuban President Raul Castro.

During his time on the island, he will also visit the shrine of the Virgin of Caridad del Cobre and travel to Havana, where he will say mass in the main plaza.

5 thoughts on “Cuban Catholic Church uses Castro State Security to evict occupiers”

  1. How low can this cardinal stoop? What a vile man. Compare the US to Cuba. About two years ago, I remember the case of an illegal alien from Mexico who occupied a church somewhere out west because she wanted to draw attention to her pending deportation. She became a cause celebre with the church hierarchy and community organizers supporting her. Fast forward to Cuba, these dissidents aren’t in there for even 2 days–and they have legitimate complaints unlike that illegal alien– and they are removed, most likely forcibly even though the news says that no force was used.

    Can the difference be any more striking? As others have said, Jaime Ortega will not allow ANYONE to rain on his parade.

  2. A LOT has been invested in the show, and the show must go on as planned. No disruptions or distractions can be allowed. Everything must be “Happy, Happy; Joy, Joy.” This is supposed to be the crowning moment in Ortega’s career, and there’s another very interested party involved: Castro, Inc. Nobody who counts wants this thing botched up by pesky troublemakers, no matter how Catholic or how devout. But yes, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that this elaborate production reeks.

  3. Lo bueno que tiene esto es lo malo que se está poniendo. Unless Benedict pulls a major surprise, this visit may well backfire, badly.

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